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Does GoBank offer ACH or Direct Debit?

I signed up for a GoBank account, but have not deposited any money yet because I need this question answered. You cannot get GoBank customer service on the line until you have deposited your money, so I am hoping someone who has an account with them can answer my question. I currently pay a few of my bills by direct debit. Meaning I give them my current checking account # and routing and then each month they pull the funds from my account. I see in my GoBank account I have an account # and routing # I just need to know if they allow direct debit. I am hoping they do considering they offer direct deposit. Any help would be much appreciate.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Yes! You can use the account and routing #s to set up direct debit. You can find the #s in your account settings or in the direct deposit section. You can also set up bills to pay from GoBank -- just fill out the info in the app or the site and it looks up your biller -- if you are trying to pay a person or small company, GoBank will mail a paper check. (Note: I work for GoBank marketing)

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  • 3 years ago


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