If a progressive is financially secure in a good carreer, nice house and family?

and still wants the government to create social programs for the needy with her/his tax dollars, is the progressive being altruistic or logically self serving? If a conservative in the same financial boat would rather keep his tax dollars, and thinks the needy should fend for themselves, does that conservative understand that they benefit indirectly from those social programs?

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  • justa
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    6 years ago
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    I can only speak for myself here, and I remember slums in parts of Brooklyn that looked like something you see in the war torn areas of Somalia. Yes, that bad.

    Am I going to tell you they tore it down and built paradise? No, its still pretty bad. But not like it was before, we will always have the needy, those who simply can't, for physical or mental reasons never get anywhere. They cannot fend for themselves, they don't know what to do, and can't be taught to take one bit of intelligence and apply it somewhere else. If they have greater skills they can show up for a job, and put a can of apples next to a can of apples, as long as you don't move the apples to the next aisle.

    No one is going to hire people with that sort of problem, I don't think of it as being altruistic, or logically self-serving, I think of it as a function of being a human being.

    People need to keep up, the Welfare Reform Act was passed in 1996, there is a life cap of years you can be on it, barring certifiable problems, and there is no more generational welfare, in most places you do have to be enrolled in school, or have some sort of job.

    People still act like that law never passed, because it would ruin their Reagan era welfare queen stories.

  • No such thing.

    A progressive wants the government to create social programs for the POLITICALLY-CHOSEN with OTHER PEOPLE'S tax dollars

    The progressive says THAT is being altruistic

    A conservative in the same financial boat uses HIS OWN resources to ACTUALLY HELP ACTUAL needy.

  • 6 years ago

    Cindy, your premise is all wrong. A conservative does not want to be forced to be involved in many of the progressive programs, but it is documented that the conservative gives more to charities, like the wounded Warrior project, and St. Judes for children than our liberal counterparts.

    I have no problem, as a conservative, to have some of my tax money going to short-term welfare programs as long as their is some job training, a a plan to get off the program asap.

    I am also in the belief that those on disability should get the relief they need, but to go after those who commit fraud with my same tax dollars.

    Exactly, how do I benefit from those who continually receive more money and benefits than those who struggle trying to make a living?


  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I think the person who earned the money should be able to direct it's use for social programs.

    It's called charity.

    If the progressive would like to give money to fund a clinic or a food bank that person should be able to do so. Likewise with a conservative.

    Fun fact...given the opportunity, conservatives give far more than their progressive counterparts to charity.

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  • Turtle
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    6 years ago

    Many rich people like higher taxes and sometimes even freedom restrictions because both tend to hurt the poor much more than the rich. Rich people, who already have their money, do not concern themselves excessively with income. For instance, how many rich people do you know that buy a lottery ticket dreaming of making 100000 dollars? Most also have enough money to qualify for various tax shelters and evasions. Ever try to itemize as a poor person? Unless you make at least 50,000 dollars, the system pretty much tells you itemizing is not for you regardless of the percentage of your income that goes to things that ought not be taxed.

    Rich people like the higher tax percentages because they are already in the exclusive informal class "rich people" and like most fraternities, they do not like new or too many members. High taxes focus on keeping others excluded so they can remain the special chosen few. Any new taxes the government proposes on them will only be passed on to the poor in the form of higher prices since the rich own the businesses that sell anyways.

  • Fred
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    6 years ago

    "does that conservative understand that they benefit indirectly from those social programs?"

    In the parleance of logic that's called a fallacious premise. Would you care to explain to me how multiple generations of welfare recipients confer any advanatage to anyone other than sed recipient?

    "They can't understand that some people about less fortunate people, and think that policies should be implemented to provide a safety net for people who fall on hard times."

    Charity at the end of a gun is theft pure and simple. If you feel this way then you won't mind taking over my position in return for the "advantage" that I receive.... yes? I mean.. if it's such a great deal you'd be all over that. Yes?

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Well I'll concider that but I wonder if the same person would feel any direct disadvantage from a $17,000,000,000,000.00 national debt. I wonder if they can see an advantage to living on their credit card until the find the job they want. I wonder if that person would concider a 4% reduction in the poverty rate a proper result for a proper measure after 50 years. After all after several centuries at that rate poverty might be eradicated.

  • 6 years ago

    The only 'social program' that conservatives recognize is giving some money to their church and thinking that 'jesus' will help those in need.

  • Lenny
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    6 years ago

    Financially secure Progressive has at least to stop looking for albeit legal loopholes to minimize his taxes. He should just pay straight 35% of his gross income to federal agencies.

    Very few Progressives do it.

    But to really do what he preaches he should volunteer much higher taxes than he owes. Let's say 50% federal income tax from gross income. IRS accept such donations to US Treasury.

    But there is no Progressive who does it.

    Progressives are always going for other people money while trying to hide their own money from taxation.

  • 6 years ago


    in your scenario the progressive is the christian and the conservative is the one who worships money.

    hope this helps...

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