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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 7 years ago

What the hell is wrong with Ozzy Osbourne?

Generally, all Black Sabbath members' religion is strange. And it's not something like Jews or Catholics. It's two completely things: Satanists or Christians. A lot of people say that they are Satanists. I love their music, so I worried about it. Someone said that on Master Reality Ozzy "borned again as Christian". I don't know if it's true, but I know that a lot of their songs have Christian lyrics, especially After Forever.

But the point is Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy have been abusing drugs and drinking alcohol for the most of his adult life. Also, some people say that he is demon possessed and act like a Satanist. They say that he has drunk the blood of a pig, of an ox and of a dead shark. I didn't believed it, but yesterday I learned from a friend that he came to Greece for a gig, and he cut the heads of some birds off, and then drunk their blood from the rest of their body (I know, I've freak out too :P).


Whatever, I don't think that Ozzy did the blood thing for a tribute to Satan. I don't think he is a satanist. I can explain it in three ways:

1) The drugs made him lost his mind and turned him insane

2) He did it for money

3) He cut the heads of some puppets off and drank some cherry juice they've put in

So, three questions:

1) Is Ozzy a Satanist?

2) Is Ozzy insane (because of drugs)?

3) Are generally Black Sabbath? / What's the religion of Black Sabbath?

Oh, and most important, I want you to tell me if any of this ( is real. Thanks for advice :)

Update 2:

Well, I just read it all and I figure out that he sold his soul for fame and fortune. He is not happy with what he has done. Maybe yes, he has drink blood but, I don't think that everythin on "Got Blood" is real. It's kinda excessive. I think the whole article is kina excessive! I think he lies a little for fame. And all these bullshit about N.I.B.??? LOL! " one of the most openly satanic songs ever recorded." Seriously, what satanic is on this song!?!?!

Anyways, I think I lost the whole point. When I asked "What the hell is wrong with Ozzy Osbourne?" I ment that how can he do all these, then write a song like After Forever and then do all these. With all these "Additional Details", I realised that I don't need answers, I need thoughts. My thoughts are:

1) Fame led him to drugs, drugs turned him insane (with phsychological problems), craze and desire for fame and fortune turned him to Ozzy we know

2) Ozzy may be all these, but

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  • 7 years ago
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    ozzy is a drug crazed Christian which is why he wears the cross. Satanists on the other hand are against drugs and anything else that is negative and harmful and Satanists are not superstitious. Read the Satanic bible if interested in what Satanism is really about. The only true Satanists in music are King Diamond and Marilyn Manson

    ozzy is against Satanism he has said this many times and his lyrics with Sabbath and in his solo work are VERY pro God and VERY anti Satanic. Plus he surrounds himself with holy crosses. And yes he is an insane drug addict and he killed his childrens cats once. Satanists are VERY much against drugs and very much against hurting animals those are facts

    his lyrics also are about a God and a Devil fighting each other and good and evil. Satanists do not believe in those two Christian gods nor good or evil as they know those terms are subjective. Ozzy seems pro god over a devil. Satanists see believing in either one as delusional

    to answer your question he is a sick weirdo and maybe drugs help that but I think he had issues before that which is why he turned to drugs in the first place

    edit_ I cannot reply to your emails which makes this hard as I am not sure what more needs to be said? Ozzy is not a Satanist at all, if he were he would not do all of these sick stupid things he does. he is insane nothing will change that. maybe he is into god and that is why he went bad it happens to people all the time they screwed up thanks to religion.

    You seem to want to make ozzy out to be a Satanist and he is not. I pointed out why and I see others have as well so nothing more needs to be said

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Ozzy has stated many times that he is a Christian. Seeing as he is the only one who can tell us that and know for certain, I'm inclined to believe him. Also, Ozzy has bitten the head off of a dove and a bat. The dove was when he was high on Cocaine... The bat he thought was fake. Sabbath isn't a satanic band, listen to Ozzy's music and he always wears a cross. He's also pis.sed off a few satanists before (See I am Ozzy), and although he considers himself insane if he is it's because of drugs. As for if he was a satanist, it wouldn't matter- it's music. That's like not listening to music because the singer is Jewish. And any rock and roll/ metal band has to be a little crazy. Honestly I think Ozzy is awesome. And he once staged pulling out his hair and making it look real with blood spurting everywhere and everything lol. Ozzy is a big animal activist too believe it or not. And a random interesting fact- some people consider Ozzy God and worship him. But you can tell hes not a satanist

    Source(s): I am Ozzy mainly- AMAZING book- must read
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Ozzy wears crucifixes for a reason - he is very superstitious, and he wears them for protection. He prays before concerts. I don't think he believes in any organized religion but has a basic belief in God.

    He's a bit crazy and yes a lot of the time, he's been off his head on drink and drugs, he barely remembers many parts of his life.

    He's only alive due to Sharon. She's the real tough person in that family, I think Ozzy is actually quite fragile.

  • 7 years ago

    The concept behind Black Sabbath was to create the music equivalent of "Hammer Films" -- it is Gothic Horror entertainment.

    And it successfully spawned a whole genre.

    They meant it as entertainment.

    Sometimes critics, and fans, and crazy religious fanatics just don't get it.

    But then -- there are churches who burned Harry Potter books as satanic witchery.

    Mr. Osbourne himself is just very unhealthy due to the errors of a foolish youth with too much success.

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  • ?
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Ozzy could not be less of a Satanist. He does drugs he hurts animals he has no self control and he believe in religion. Satanism is a life loving philosophy from the Satanic Bible that forbids drugs, harming of animals and belief in religion and the supernatural. And self control is crucial to being a Satanist

  • 7 years ago

    Ozzy is a pretty good singer. I don't believe he's Satanic...just a little crazy. Especially in the South Park episode where he bites off Kenny's head or something.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    the drugs killed his brain

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