Is there an audiobook about playful teasing?


The internet is filled with dating stuff.

What I'm looking for in particular is any audiobook I can listen to that addresses playfully teasing girls.

I'm not always trying to use this to pick someone up, I just love the many ways conversations can be playful and fun between two people.

For example, if a girl's got a boyfriend (and I'm just having fun with her, not trying to pick her up*), I'll say, come out with me one night and I'll take you on a magic carpet ride, by you two bugatti's and drop your off at home on a stallion. Now does your boyfriend do that for you?

Not my most genius example but for me, I'm just looking for audiobooks that provide new, fresh ways to have conversational fun with girls because I enjoy it far more than just talking about work or the weather. I'm sure you get me on that point ;D

Please advise on an audiobook. I can listen in traffic but literally have 0% time to read books.

Thanks so much!

2 Answers

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