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Hey I have a question about my parents being deported and my financial needa?

Hey my mom and dad were deported about a month ago. My mom left me and my sister in the custody of her older brother. Just last month when she left however her cash aid and food stamps expired. Now this month her brother has told me he does not have the money to keep supporting us and to find another way. I am currently 16 with my sister who's 10 and I am trying to make ends meet. What is a way that I can get money or somehow from the government? Can I get cash aid for me and my sister along with good stamps without my mom or dad being here? Or is there any other way god bless you for helping me I am crying my eyes out right now

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    Assuming you and your sister are citizens, pick up the phone and call Child Protective Services. Tell them that you and your sister are American citizens but your parents have been deported. Explain that although your mother left you in the custody of your uncle (her brother), he has told you that he can no longer support you, and that you need help. You and your sister will be taken into care, possibly split up, and probably either put into a group home, or more likely, foster care. (The government may try to send you back to where your parents are but you have the right to stay in the United States because you are American citizens. That means you have the right to being cared for by the state you are living in and they can't palm off their duties on to another country, especially since that is a breach of your human rights!). Once you turn 18, it may be possible for you to take custody of your little sister, but it depends. Good luck and God bless.

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    No, honestly , you can call welfare and tell them your dilema, Or go in, But you have no legal guardians, which puts you in the control of the state, If you were not born here, you can,t stay here,You will become wards of the state, they will do with you as they please, depends on who the individual is that you contact as to how you will be handled, Rights you have none, you were abandoned,since your family is unable to care for you, your up for grabs,

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