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cc asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 6 years ago

want to start selling home security systems?

i work for a small security guard company and we want to diversify and start selling security systems like cctv, alarms, e.t.c.

The problem is that i don't know much about this kind of business but am willing to learn. does anyone have experience in this industry or know any sites that i can go to learn more about the new venture.

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  • 6 years ago
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    I have some business overview which might help you to know more about the business.There are various approaches that can be taken when starting a security alarm business.

    1.The first is to sell and install alarms that are monitored.

    2.Then to sell alarms for residential and commercial applications that are not monitored.

    3.Your approach is to sell security alarm packages to the do-it-yourself homeowner for self-installation.

    All these approaches have the potential to pay off big in terms of business profits. However, the best approach is to sell and install residential and commercially monitored alarms, which can generate an ongoing residual income by way of monthly alarm monitoring fees, paid by the home or business owner.

    The first option is the most capital intensive of the businesses to start, but it also has the potential to return the highest profits. Whichever approach is used to start and establish a security alarm business, one thing is for sure; crime is not going away, making this a great business opportunity to pursue. Note: Government licensing required.

    For your further reference you can look upto this link

    The top 5 Best Home Security System Companies

    1.Frontpoint Security


    3.ADT Monitored Security System

    4.Pinnacle Security

    5.LifeShield Home Security

    • cc6 years agoReport

      i really liked your post and been following through with your Advice. going with your first point selling and installing with an alarm system that is monitored.
      the other Question is how would you recommend that i market these products and services

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