American hired by an American company with a location in Russia?

If the title confused you, sorry. I don't really know how to start this, so I'll just jump in. Please read the whole thing.

So I am currently on my last semester of my senior year and in the fall I am going to start community college and get my 2 year transfer degree in Business Administration and then transfer to a university and do the remaining 2 years and major in International Business or Business Administration with a concentration in International business (depending on how the transfer works out).

On a side note, I am going to take Russian as my language in community college. I have always had a general interest in Russian language, alphabet, culture, people, and history. I also really like Russian girls, but that's a different story haha.

So, I began to think, why not get a job for an American company with an office/location in Russia?

So this brings me to my question... do American companies with foreign locations hire Americans, or the native peoples? If hired at a foreign location (Russia), how does the company get you there and get you situated? For example, do they fly you over there and get you an apartment w/ basic living requirements? How does a company like this interview you if you apply in a foreign location? Would they interview me in an American location, on the phone, or would I fly to Russian just for an interview?!?!

The 2 main companies I had in mind that are successful American companies with Russian locations (Moscow and St. Petersburg) are Intel and Google. Also how do internships while in college for American companies with foreign locations work?

As you can see I am a little confused. Please help out to the best of your abilities. Best answer 5 stars. Thanks

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    Seeking a job in a foreign country requires visas and work permits. These are generally difficult to obtain, and take several weeks or months to process. Each country's requirements are different, but you can research Russia's with a google search.

    Chances are you will find:

    1. Russians are given highest priority.

    2. Europeans are given next highest priority.

    Almost certainly you will learn that the company that hires must obtain the work permit and visas for you. (You will provide various paper work, but they are obligated to obtain it and pay for it.)

    Foreign-based companies rarely hire entry-level people. Even more rarely do they interview in person for entry-level. Interviews are done via Skype or over the telephone.

    Assuming that you receive an employment offer, it will most likely be in the form of an employment contract of one or two years. Within the contract there will be provision for moving expenses (i.e., a loan or bonus) to facilitate your move there. They will not help you find an apartment, but they might provide you with the first month's living expenses.

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