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Becoming an athletic trainer in the professional soccer world?

First off, my dream has always had to do with becoming someone in the medical field. My passion is soccer and people. I would absolutely love to be an athletic trainer in the MLS. For any team. Currently, I am thinking of playing D3 soccer at Hope College (Holland, Michigan) and entering their athletic training program. Is it good? Afterwards, how do I pursue a professional career? Are there internships available? Thank you!

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    After you get your degree and are certified you need to apply for jobs, once you have a job in the field you make connections and friends so you can move or advance.

    Most teams and schools do have internships which is a great way to get to know the people at the team and school, so if they have a job opening you can be on the short list.

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    Hi Katy, I know this was asked about 8 months ago, but if you read this, I can guarantee you that my answers will be very relevant due to my experiences as a student trainer. The main goal for your now is to get into a school that has an Athletic Training program. After that, you can either discuss with the director of your program and see what type of connections he may get you or you can literally send a letter and resume to all 32 teams in the NFL. Unfortunately, since you are a female, the likelihood of you attaining an NFL internship is slim to none. Only a set number of teams accept one female in their total interns that they hire (unless she is a daughter of a coach or another employee on the team). Again, its not impossible, but very unlikely. MLS , however is always in need of service especially during the Summer. I have a few friends who actually just interned with the SAN JOSE earthquakes and others with Chivas USA and GALaxy who were both male and female. ALso, send them your resume. WOrk hard, and good luck!

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    bachelors degree in Exercise Science from a good school specializing in the creation of Physical Therapists or Physiologists.. Slippery Rock is one Colorado State is another Philadelphia College of the Sciences is another.

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