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Free roaming iguanas?

I have heard that some people prefer to let their iguanas free roam the house rather than stay in an enclosure. Now, obviously there are cons to this as well: safety of the lizard, eating non food items, sanitation, and the mess (poop). And of course you would need basking stations set up.

I am wondering what you guys' take on this would be. Would the basking stations be necessary if you lives in a tropical environment? How would the safety of your lizard be assured? Do you disagree completely with free roaming? Let me here your thoughts!

Thanks guys;)

P.S. I do not own an iguana, I'm just a naturally curious person ;P

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    Iguanas are naturally curious, as well. They will get into everything and iguanas tend to investigate by tasting. They can also claw through drywall, get their claws caught in the carpet and a whole host of other issues. You essentially have to baby-proof your home to have a free roam iguana and then some. Basking stations are nice, but humidity is an issue. You can train an iguana to fairly reliably poop in their bath water if you run a bath for them each day, but that is a sanitation issue for human family members unless you diligently sanitize the tub afterward.

    All in all, I wouldn't do it. I have an adult female iguana that lives in an 8X4X6 cage. She comes out occasionally, but is always supervised.

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    I would never let a reptile free roam, they need specific heat and humidity that they would not get in your house. They could get hurt or get out of your house. Its irresponsible and those people shouldn't have the animal

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