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why do people hate ronda rousey?

why do people hate ronda rousey at ufc 168 after she defeated miesha tate she got all this boos from the crowd why

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    On the ultimate fighter, she was very disrespectful to Miesha Tate. Constantly cursing at her, middle fingers, the whole nine yards. Prior to the season, she was respected by many, but a lot of people hate her pissy attitude now. I was a huge fan of Ronda until I saw her antics. I don't hate her now, but still acknowledge her attitude needing work.

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      I think sometimes that those type of personality traits are the reason extremely sucessful individuals are so talented. I heard Joe Rogan say one time that it takes a bit of madness to be one the greatest of all time. Look at Michael Jordan, or Muhammed Ali. Both have similar personality traits.

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    Probably because of TUF. I don't watch anything but the fights anymore on that show, due to the fact it focuses more on drama. It's 45 mins of bullshit, 15 min or less of MMA. It's made to build hype and interest for the sport, which is great, but there is a lot of editing that take things out of context and instigation of "storylines" that aren't really there that can cause fighters to appear a lot more "assholish" or disrespectful, due to the fact the whole situation isn't being show. TUF thrives on bad blood, and everyone loves to hate a villian, which Rhonda might have been made out to be. That being said I know Rhonda does legit hate Tate, and she seems like too intense of a person to let personal issues like that slide. Either way, she's the best female fighter in the world, and love her or hate her, she's just a natural born champion.

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      Loser!!! Two times... Done, death to the "natural born champion" thanks for playing, bye bye now...

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    Rhonda was justified in her acting the way she did and im glad she stood her ground. Miesha and her BF liked to run their mouth at her back a lot but try to play the noble role to her face and in public. Most people don't know the details so they just hate her for being bitchy and not shaking Mieshas hand.

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    I don't hate her, I just don't like her because she's a crap talking coward, all she does is make excuse after excuse for reasons to hide and not fight Cyborg while being protected by Dana. Gina Carano didn't hide and cower, Carano made no excuses about fighting Cyborg, she got beat, but I respect her, she didn't cower away from Cyborg. Rowsey is trying to buy as much time as possible till Cyborg gets old, Cyborg is already approaching 30, until she stops making excuses and faces Cyborg, she will never be seen as a true champion!

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  • Shadam
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    there stupid and not real mma fans there ufc ppl who no nothing of there history in strikeforce. meisha pushes rondas buttons and ronda doesnt play games. i wiith shed of snapped that arm again. meisha and caraway are the only mma fighters i dont like

    caraway elbowed cat zingano prior to there fight

    he talks bad about ppl who smoke weed when he sold peds in colledge

    caraway said hed beat up ronda

    meishas best freind julliania pena was hated in the tuf house so just look at the company meiosha keeps but rondas the bad one lol

    the tuf show made ronda look bad

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    Dear Ronda Rousey,

    Someday soon you are going to lose. You might not lose at fighting, but at something important to you, you will lose and you'll never get past it. No matter how much money and fame you have, you will never be able to overcome it.

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    Rhonda Rowsey

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    The show, although a lifesaver for the ufc, moves the focus from skill to personality. Rhonda is not a nice person. TV audiences like our pretty blonds to be sweet. So w/o the show people would only judge her fighting, but w/o the show less people would have watched her fight.

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    Because i do her.

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