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Daily groundwork sample schedule?

Hi guys! So, I've recently adopted a rescue horse, and she has not yet been ridden(she has had the saddle on several times though) i have been working everyday with her on ground work and simple thigs like messing with her feet and sacking her out. I've also been introducing new and 'scary' objects with her until she no longer sees them as scary. She does really well, and has no problem with the halter etc. However, she is a bit of a spook. I was just wondering what your guys' daily training schedule was, or what you would recommend for us. Right now, I haven't been doing any set routine with her. Thanks!

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    I never have a set routine. If I do something and she takes it well, I move on. If she spooks or isn't prepared for it, I work longer. Just make sure you always stop on a good note and make sure you spend a good 20 min on grooming for now. It will make the bond faster than riding time. When training I go for an hour or two 6 days a week. That is work time, not grooming or getting the horse.

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    Just work with her 20-60 min a day building up her tolerance. I try to balance the ground work into chunks of BOTH desensitizing and sensitizing exercises. You want your horse relaxed but not dozing off... It's okay to not have a routine but you do want consistency.

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