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Help remembering the name of a movie?

I cant remember the name of a movie i saw. Its about two friends that are on their way to college and make some horrible mistake in a small town, and end up being wanted for murder. Can someone help?

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    Macon County Line

    "In 1954 Macon County,North Carolina, brothers Chris (Alan Vint) and Wayne Dixon (Jesse Vint), are on a two-week spree of cheap thrills throughout the South before their upcoming stint in the Air Force. Both Chicago transplants, Wayne applied for service when his brother Chris was given the option of military service or prison as the result of an earlier episode with the law. Driving through Louisiana, the brothers pick up hitchhiker Jenny Scott (Cheryl Waters), a pretty blond with a shady backstory that she would rather not discuss.

    Meanwhile, local backwater town sheriff Reed Morgan (Max Baer, Jr.) is preparing to bring back his son Luke (Lief Garrett) from military school - hunting season is tomorrow and he buys Luke a new shotgun. While Chris, Jenny, and Wayne cruise through the back roads of Louisiana, they have car trouble and they stall out in Sherriff Morgan's town. Unable to repair the car, they shake together enough money to get it patched up by garage owner Hamp (Geoffrey Lewis). Waiting at the garage, they are informally threatened by Morgan, who points out that they could be picked up for vagrancy if they decided to stick around. Not interested in official trouble, the brothers and Jenny head out once their car is running. But another breakdown – this time nearby a fresh crime scene that includes a rape and murder by two men who are thought to have killed a cop – puts the trio into a lethal situation with Morgan, with a devastating finale for all."

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    My Cousin Vinnie

    (Marisa Tomei won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie)

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    The Lord of the rings

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