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Katie asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 7 years ago

Middle name for Alice?

Something to do with Alice In Wonderland please.

Also, http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Atfmj...

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    Alice Billie-Liz: Stupid Bill the lizard was juror at Alice's trial

    Alice Catherine 'Cat': Cheshire Cat

    Alice Chrysalis: Caterpillar morphing into a butterfly

    Alice Dorma: Sleepy Dormouse, companion to Mad Hatter & March Hare

    Alice Hattie: Mad Hatter

    Alice Lory: Participated in race with Duck & Eaglet

    Alice Marcella: March Hare, named after Mars, Roman god of war

    Alice Myrtle: can Myrtle the Turtle be the self-absorbed Mock Turtle?

    Alice Pippa: Duchess’s cook who uses a lot of pepper

    Alice Queena: Queen of Hearts

  • Emma
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    7 years ago

    Alice May

    Alice Jane

    Alice Kianna

    Alice Devyn

    Alice Rosalie

    Alice Charlotte

    Alice Eva

    Alice Emmeline

    Alice Codi

    Alice Jessica

    Alice Emily

    Alice Renee

    Alice Grace

    Alice Valentina

    Alice Irene

    Alice Persephone

    Alice Cordelia

    Alice Valencia

    Alice Maria

    Alice Joy

  • Brian
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    7 years ago

    Alice is my favorite name and I believe it never lose its charm. :)

    The following are the middle name suggestions. Please check it out.

    1. Alice Shaniya

    2. Alice Hannah

    3. Alice Bailey

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