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How to fix windows movie maker green screen problem?

I use movie maker 2.6 and when I import a .wmv file, it shows a green icon instead of a thumbnail. The clips also don't play properly and the timeline doesn't progress normally.

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    The video track that's inside the WMV file might be encoded with a codec that's not compatible with Movie Maker 2.6. The older versions of Movie Maker (2.1, 2.6 and 6.0) are pickier about the file types they can use.

    Convert one of your WMV clips and see if it works better in Movie Maker.

    I made this tutorial showing how to download, install and use the Freemake converter to convert files to use in Movie Maker. The newer versions of Freemake have some utilities (NOT viruses) bundled with them. Pay attention to how I install Freemake so you can UNcheck these additional programs.

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