Whats a good New York college for special education?

I myself was curious to which college in New York could offer more of a chance for my me to have a better education in life in order to better myself. When i was in highschool i was in special education. I was filled with a small class, really sheltered from society or i just didnt care enough to be social. But if anyone can help me with a good school around new york, Manhattan Or Brooklyn even.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Special education doesn't exist as a service in college. This ends when you ether get your high school diploma/age out of services or drop out.

    In college you are covered under ADA and/or 504 at most campuses.

    You'll have to do the same academic curriculum as students without disabilities. (no IEPs). You are admitted because these laws require equal acces to the college facilities and curriculum. This is different than IDEA--which required student success.

    You can get accommodations like a quiet area to take tests, larger font size, priority seating, permission to record lecture, note taking help, extended time on tests.

    Colleges still legally require people to get through the general admissions office in order to get into the campus--and telling the admissions office you have a disability and "really want" to attend college even at a public university with a special outreach program, doesn't actually make legal difference. They admit only those people who meet the admission criteria set by the general admissions office.

    Colleges can legally deny accommodations which impose administrative/financial burdens. They don't accommodate every person with every disability. The professor/department can deny requests which would change the nature of the course requirements.

  • 6 years ago

    Although I don't have an answer, I can help you find it. It sounds like, at least at first, the actual school will not be as important as their Disability Services Office. You need to find the best match for you -regardless of which school it is. You are blessed to live in an area with a bunch of schools to choose from. I work at a major university (not in your area), in an office to support students with disabilities, and am familiar with your question.

    Make a list of various schools you want to attend, then go to their homepage and type "Disability Services Office" or something like that into their search engine (usually in the upper-right side of the web page). Get the contact phone number and set up an appointment. Go talk with each of them: be straight with them and tell them what disability you have and what your concerns are. After about the 3rd visit, or 5th visit, you will start to get a "gut impression" about which departments you like.

    Your next step is to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor at the college of your choice. They can help you lay out a realistic degree plan (do you REALLY need a 4-year degree to fullfill your dreams in life?).

    Also, never rule out a community college (also known as technical or junior college). A huge section of the population does much better starting with a community college, where classes are usually smaller. You can always then decide to transfer. Also remember, you do not need an actual Degree of Such and Such to earn good money: a Certificate in Precision Machining can earn you a ton of money and you do things like build the space suttle -all without having to take College Algebra!

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