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How to make groceries when your on a budget & trying to gain weight?

Also, what are some meal recipes and menus? Thanks!


Im trying to gain muscle

Update 2:

I'm not diabetic though Richard.... And im not anorexic

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    You should aim to be healthy, not gain weight. This means lots of fruit and vegetables - you're diet should be based heavily on them. Vegetables like pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, sweet potato and spinach are usually really cheap and they're extremely good for you.


    - cooked oats with fresh berries (usually traditional oats come with instuctions on how to cook them)

    - some fruit (apple, banana, apricot, plum, mango, cherries, berries, avocado, tomato, etc.)

    - homemade buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, jam, or berries


    - salad (spinach, tomato, cucumber, avocado, carrot, brocolli, fetta cheese, olives and a drop of homemade balsamic dressing which is two parts olive oil and one part balsamic vinegar)

    - vegetable omelette

    - ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwich

    - french toast

    - homemade pancakes


    - burritos (tortilla, crumbed chicken, greek yoghurt and red cabbage)

    - chicken stirfry (chicken, frozen vegetables and stirfry sauce)

    - spaghetti bolognese (spaghetti with mince which is cooked with pasta sauce and onion)

    - fettucine carbonara (fettucine, cream, bacon, onion)

    - poached egg on ciabatta with a ricotta cheese spread

    - tomato tarts (puff pastry, cottage cheese, thyme, tomato)

    - homemade pizza

    The most pricey things at the supermarket are those processed things like cookies, sauces, dressings, chips, ready frozen meals, etc. so avoid those and try to make your own instead. Hope this helps!

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    Hi Kendall. Going off the way that you asks for recipes that will help you put on weight I would guess that you are under weight - is that right? I do not know for sure, but have you maybe tried web sites for people who have anorexia? I presume you know that anorexia is an illness where the person with it deliberately looses weight, because they think that they are over-weight, even when they really are not, and maybe even under-weight. I would think that if they do have recipes then they will be foods that help a person put on weight.

    If you have trouble even after trying the type of site I have just suggested then I do have a bit of an idea. I am type one diabetic - so my diet is very important. It is the carbohydrates in a food that give your body something to run on - like a car runs on gasoline ( think that is what you call it, but we call it petrol! ). There are several foods that you should avoid though, and they are ones with loads of sugars in. They would raise your blood sugar up temporarily, but then it would not last long and your body CAN end up with a lower blood sugar than before. The sort of thing that you would need to eat for a long lasting source of energy - which is the thing that your body then "stores" in its fat when it has too much - are things like rice, potatoes, bread and pasta. There are of course biscuits as well, but the type you eat should be watched. If you are struggling a bit with your money, so want to feel "full" for longer then you can make a slight alteration in the type of carbohydrates you eat. Instead of going for white bread, pasta and rice then you can eat brown rice or wholemeal bread and pasta. If you leave the skins on the potatoes then this can take longer to be used by the body. The fibres in the rice etc slow down the speed that the body can absorb it, so it stays in your stomach for longer.

    Hope this helps.


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    GAIN weight? Well, it's easy to be healthy while on a tight budget, because vegetables and fruit are inexpensive. I've been the healthiest I've ever been when I've been on a very tight budget.

    If you want to GAIN weight... well, what are you trying to gain, FAT or MUSCLE?

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