Question of New Health Care Law?

This plan is so confusing. I am totally out of my depth with this. Could someone give me some information on these situations:

We are a family of 5.

2 Adults getting SSDI (1 Retired) (1 Disabled) and Self-Employment - Medicare

Three children live at home

Child 15 (Disabled) on SSI AND SSDI (Medicaid)

Child 19 (Disabled) on adult SSI and SSDI Education Plan (PASS) and wages(Medicaid)

Child 22 (Wages) Filed as single tax return(None)

First of all are the plans the same thing as medicare insurance policies or are these in addition to the policies we already have? It tells us to choose a plan and I am not sure if we should choice a plan together. I have high prescription costs but am otherwise healthy and my husband has health problems including leukemia coming out of remission.

The state has said I am no longer eligible for medicaid and will need to pay my premiums and drug costs even though I am working and was eligible before this law came in.

My oldest son is not eligible for the state medicaid of which we put him in our household income and didn't include him in the federal health care since he had filled out his own tax return. So, now we are trying to figure out how to sign him up, because it asks for the household income and is not included on ours. Should we put him as 1 for household and only his income?

I am not asking for professional advise, just some information from people who might know some of these answers or been in similar situations.


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    The 2 adults on Medicare only need to get Medicare plans. What they get would be dependent on their location and needs because these plans are state and sometimes even zip code specific.

    The 2 kids on welfare don't need to get anything extra, unless your state has special managed care plans available.

    The new law does not have any major impact on these 4.

    The oldest son would need to list the total household income if he is applying for the subsidy. It doesn't matter if he files his own tax return.

    You'll want to speak with an agent in your area, preferable one that works both with Medicare and with the traditional plans available. The agent can help you sort this out. There is no charge using an agent.

    My experience so far with the government help line is those folks generally are about as helpful as a snow shovel in Miami. They are OK with general questions not in a situation like this.

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  • 7 years ago

    The government has a help line for this at 1-800-318-2596.

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