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I need a car. I own a 93 Nissan w/231,000 mi. no a/c (I live in Fl.). With a s.s. income buy, or fix?

I have bad credit, no bankruptcies, but cr. crd. chargeoffs. I worked in cr counseling, so I know it might be possible to borrow from a secondary lender, for a high milage, older used car. Should I fix my car instead, cv axel, (bearings ok, not clicking); oil reg switch broken and leaking oil; needs a fuel injector, dents don't bother me (several and peeling paint). I figure if I buy parts and have mechanic do work it will still cost me about 400-500 dollars. That amount would deplete the one thousand saved up, for a used high mileage vehicle. Income limited to 1,300 monthly, but live in public sr. housing low rent, not many bills currently. Health is mediocre, but may need car to drive for upcoming "treatments".

Buy, or fix what says you, and why?

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    6 years ago
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    With bad credit any deal you could qualify for would be a really bad one.

    Keep what you have. Believe me, you could spend a lot more and get something worse.

    CV Joints can go a long time without breaking so, depending on the noise and how much you drive, you could put it off for years.

    I sold dozens of cars with CJ joints clicking. All were good to go for years.

    One exception, I had one that sounded so bad that I really didn't think it would last another month.

    However, I sold it cheap....$650 and told the buyer to get it done within 2-3 weeks because It might be a safety issue.

    Well, the buyer ignored me and drove the heck out of it for 6 month without getting it repaired.

    And the axle broke & she left the car on the side of the road and then sold it back to me for $150.

    She wasn't mad at me, she got 6 months usage for $500.

    I flipped the broken car to someone who would go get it & fix it themselves.

    So really, unless its just making a horrible noise, it might be something you can defer for a couple of years or longer.

    With old cars, deferring maintenance, other than oil changes, is often a good idea.

    Just don't let it run hot, don't defer brakes and change your oil regularly.

    Your Altima could last you several more years. Ditto for the CV Joint.

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  • 6 years ago

    Personally, I would just get a "new" car. At the end of the day, a car with that many miles is just going to be a nightmare and you will end up putting more money into that car than you would just leading a different used car.

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