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Political ideologies of Hoover and Roosevelt.?

Compare the political ideologies of Hoover and Roosevelt. Evaluate Bothe President's success in recovering the economy.

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    Herbert Hoover was a conservative Republican and FDR was a liberal Democrat. Hoover was largely an indecisive and ineffective president, alternating between free-market ideas and the idea that the government should intervene in order to fix the economy. Contrary to popular belief, Hoover did intervene in the economy and tried to use economic stimulus and public works, which greatly increased the national debt and did little to help the economy. In the 1932 election, FDR claimed that he would stop these programs and balance the budget- this was of course a complete lie. Using the Keynesian economic model, FDR (actually it was congress, but FDR encouraged them to do so, even though they started enacting these policies under Hoover) used government funds to create "Relief, Recovery, and Reform" New Deal programs, such as Social Security and the Tennessee Valley Authority, to fix the economy and keep it healthy. The Great Depression did not end until 1941 or 1948, depending on who you ask. As for whether or not the New Deal helped or hurt the economy, that is something that economists are still arguing about.

    Source(s): AP US History
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