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Nelson mandela, ricerca in inglese?

Potreste aiutarmi con queste domande su nelson mandela in inglese? grazie mille

How did he get his name?

Has an adult what was his profession?

What do the letters ANC stand for?

In what way were his policies similar to those of Martin Luther King and Gandhi?

Grazie mille ancora ^^

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    Nelson Mandela said that his first name, "Nelson," was assigned to him by his teacher when he started primary school. His other names were from his family.

    He was a lawyer, and of course, later the first democratically-elected President of South Africa.

    ANC is the African National Congress, South Africa's largest political party. Mandela was the president of the ANC for many years.

    King, Gandhi, and Mandela were all involved in struggles for democracy and against racism. Mandela differed from the other two in that, for a time, he advocated violent revolution as a means toward that goal.

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