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how do i re-register my domain name that expires in 14 days...I've searched for 8 hours with no progress?

I cant find any informaition on how to re register my domain name on the yahoo smal business website. I have seached using yahoo small business. google etc for info and contac numbrers emails whent through numeroius self answer chins and sent messages weeks ago to yahoo but so far I can figure out how to re register my domain name www.edkingent,com. it has been down for weeks and it is effcting my business negatively.

Plese help me if you can!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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    Do you want to renew the domain?

    You most likely need to go here to renew it:

    Do you want to transfer your domain to a different registrar?

    Your domain name is registered with "Melbourne IT", a company that also goes by the name of "INWW" or "Internet Names World Wide". Their largest reseller is Yahoo! Domains.

    If you want to transfer your domain then you need the authorization code.

    Go to

    If necessary, sign into your Yahoo! Domains account using your existing Yahoo! ID and password.

    Click Domain near the top of the page.

    Click View Your Authorization Code.

    The authorization code will be displayed to the right of your domain name. Write it down, save it to a file, or print it out for later use.

    Please note that the authorization code is case-sensitive

    Or renew your hosting?

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