Need to know information on Flash transfer technology in android phones or swipe and share


need to know the technology of swipe and share of flash transfer in android mobiles.

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    All of us came across transferring the files from one android smartphone to another certain times. So normally people using cell phones in India use Bluetooth for doing so, but today we are explaining here, how we can transfer the files from one android phone to another over wifi, yes we’re talking about one amazing android app: Flash Transfer, that lets this happen. This app provides a file-sharing functionality to your smartphone using Wi-Fi tethering. It can be used to easily connect to another android smartphone and then transfer apps, images or any other files you may want to. We all have to agree that it is indeed a clever way to transfer data faster, given the slow speed at which Bluetooth works. It does not make use of data plans on your mobile network.


    All you have to do is, download the app from the direct link below, install it like a normal app. (If you don’t know how to install apps from an apk file, click here.) You have to install it on both the sender’s and receiver’s devices. Then open the apps and follow on screen instructions, we have a quick guide too:


    A new application introduced in Android device for transferring files from one mobile to another mobile with in seconds.This App is called Swipe & Share(Swipe and Share) ,also known as Flash Transfer Apk. In the world of Mobile, Flash transfer rocking instead of Infrared and Bluetooth.No doubts most of us still using Bluetooth as a medium to transfer files , song, video, app, games etc from one mobile to another.But now swipe and share file transfer is more easy(fast) without using data charges by connecting each others phone over Wi-Fi.



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    Flash Transfer

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