Are these sentences good? 10 points!!?

I knew these sound like elementary school but just tell me if its good

Blasphemer. She is a blasphemer;she would always question god

Pompous. Shes very pompous ;she thought she was better than anyone

Adroit.shes an adroit worker;she can clean up faster than anyone

Affront.After hearing her affront;i dont think i'll have the courage to speak to her

Paradox. What she said was a paradox; it was an obvious truth

Stolid. She was very stolid when she failed her test; she showed no emotions

Cynic. My friend was very cynical about that guy; she never trustes him

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  • 7 years ago
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    Blasphemer means that lies are being spread about God, not necessarily questioning him.

    Pompous, fine.

    Adroit has more to do with skill with hands and mind. So maybe flying an airplane instead of cleaning.

    Affront, fine.

    Paradox is a conclusion to something that you did not expect. If you've read the novel 1984 one of the themes is double think and they use the example 2+2=5. It is a contradicting statement in a sense.

    Stolid, fine.

    Cynic is a noun and you used it as an adjective so I don't know whether you're allowed to do that. Instead of trust, a Cynic is someone who is skeptical. "My friend was a cynic around men, she was skeptical of their motives."

    Also instead of using so many semicolons, a comma is a better choice. Think of a semi colon as replacing "and" or "but".

    Sorry to be so hard on you, I want you to do well in English class :)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    no, some of them work some of them dont

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