Buy/Sell: Dr Dre's 2001 is the best hip-hop album ever?

hard-hitting beats compiled with guest features from nate Dogg, hittman, snoop dogg, eminem... what album could possibly be better? (please dont say illmatic)

BQ: so ummm.... West Coast>East Coast?

BQ2: what would the east coast be without New York?

Bq3: Dr dre vs RZA

bQ4: does hittman have any good solo albums?

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  • Gking
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    7 years ago
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    Nah, it's probably his last good album tho

    36 Chambers is better

    BQ: East Coast over everything

    BQ2: Lol you have a point, East Coast would suck without New York

    BQ3: RZA because he's my influence in producing

    BQ4: Never listened to him

  • 7 years ago

    Sell, 2001 was a good album but wasn't the best.

    BQ: Sell, I'm all for east coast

    BQ2: Pretty much nothing..

    BQ3: This one is hard..I'll have to go with Dre

    BQ4: Don't know too much about him

  • 7 years ago

    I'm gonna have to sell. While it's a great album, there are definitely better ones out there. It's hard for me to pick the absolute best hip hop album of all time.

    BQ: I agree 100%

    BQ2: Ummm... pretty much nothing.

    BQ3: Both are in my top 5 producers but I gotta go with Dre.

    BQ4: I can't say that I've actually listened to any of his work outside 2001.

  • 7 years ago

    I wouldn't have it in the top 25

    BQ: Sell, Minnesota>Both right now

    BQ2: The east coast still

    BQ3: Dre

    BQ4: Not really no

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Sell, its good...but not the best

    BQ. Depends on the era

    BQ2. Nothing

    BQ3. RZA!!!

    BQ4. Ehh, not really

  • Sell, OB4CL >

    BQ: Buy, Westside for life.

    BQ2: Lots of rapper would've never gotten their work started if it weren't for New York.

    BQ3: Ehh... It's a tie between the both of them.

    BQ4: No.

  • blank
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    7 years ago


    It was dope.Best of all time?No.



    BQ3:Dr Dre

    BQ4:Murda Weapon

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