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What are some good things to put on a bucket list?

Im a teenage girl and i want to make a bucket list. i have a handful of stuff already and they are :

- go to Disney land and Disney world

- travel the world

- find an amazing guy

- learn how to long board

- become popular

- be friends with everyone

- go on a romantic date

- make a treehouse

- get a tattoo

- make a popular YouTube / vine video(s)

- go on a cruise

- rope swing into water

- swim with dolphins

- ride a mechanical bull

- go paint balling

- go on a huge zipline

- say yes for a whole day

- egg a house

- meet one of my favourite celebrities

- carve my name into a tree

- have a good life in general

- go to a drive in theatre

- go hang gliding

- make a melted crayon art thing

- make a burn book

- built a fort

- have a good fight

- play laser tag

- splatter paint on a wall

- make a photo journal

- sleep in a backyard

- counsel watching stars

- have a spa day

- cover my whole body in temporary tattoos

- play hide and seek in Walmart

- have a paint fight

- hang out with hot guys

- get tan and fit

- go surfing

- get kissed in the rain

- go to a huge party

- draw on a pair of white shoes

- throw a dart on a map and then travel wherever it lands

- have a hippie day

- kiss a stranger

- get a bank account

- get a plain white shirt and get random people to sign it

- complete a wreck it journal

- get a tan tattoo

- play beach volleyball with random people

- make a music video

- go to a pool party

- make a scrapbook of me and my friends

- do graffiti somewhere

- tie-die stuff

- hang shoes on a telephone wire

- have a silly string war

- get piercings

- get henna tattoos

- get a morph suit and run around in public

- play hide and seek at midnight with alot of people

- do helium prank calls

- go cliff diving

- create a dream box

- have a sleepover in a bouncy castle

- meet 50 new people

- throw a party with girls and guys and play truth or dare

is there any other cool things to put on a bucket list ?

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    I'm also a teenager and I'm also starting on a bucket list. First of all, try thinking about your interests and hobbies and think about what cool things you can accomplish through them. For example, I love writing, so I can put on my bucket list that I want to write a best seller one day. Other cool things you can add is go scuba diving, participate in the color run, take a road trip around the US, write a letter to yourself in twenty years, see the northern lights, go zorbing, and send a message in a bottle. Hope that helped! :)

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