Are these sentences good?

Blasphemer. She is a blasphemer;she would always question god

Pompous. Shes very pompous ;she thought she was better than anyone

Adroit.shes an adroit worker;she can clean up faster than anyone

Affront.After hearing her affront;i dont think i'll have the courage to speak to her

Paradox. What she said was a paradox; it was an obvious truth

Stolid. She was very stolid when she failed her test; she showed no emotions

Cynic. My friend was very cynical about that guy; she never trustes him

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  • 7 years ago
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    If your assignment is to use each word in a sentence showing that you know what they mean, then you have not succeeded. You have simply written definitions.

    Try something more like these:

    --Her insulting challenge to God is what one would expect from a blasphemer.

    --"I am not pompous," she sneered in her grandiose, self-important way.


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