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Are college textbooks really that expensive?

I hear college students complain that college textbooks are too expensive. Are they complaining with a reason or they just want to save their money for something else?

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    Textbook prices depend on what class you have to take and whether or not you should buy the book.

    For me, I had to buy only 2 books, one was very cheap because it was written by the professor and one was not a rental book. Then there are books which need access codes- typically you can rent the book but then have to buy the code which, on the Pearson website- is 70$.

    Like i said, for me I spent maybe 250$ my first semester- probably less, but that's because I rented the book I needed and each class only required 1 textbook. However, I have a friend who HAD to buy a book (rental was not an option) and it was 175$ plus 120 for another book and so on and so fourth. So yes, there is a reason to complain lol

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    College textbooks are pretty expensive, because they're so big, they're always making new updated versions, and they know you're required to buy the book and pay that money.

    I try to get used books, from the university bookstore, friends who previously took the class, or websites like Amazon. They're lower in price, and usually pretty good condition. I paid 100 instead of like 350 one semester this way, and I sold them back for half price. Sometimes the University library will have a copy of some textbooks available, to check out for an hour at a time or for a few weeks, these are hard to get ahold of though with so many other students

    You can then try to sell them back at the end of the semester to make back some of the money. Just take care of them, they'll pay you more for good condition books. Then you can put that toward next semester's books.

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    It depends. Some of the textbooks are expensive some not and sometimes a same particular book is quite expensive somewhere and very cheap somewhere. . Yeah honestly - i searched a history book last time on online. . it cost me like $40 in amazon , probably the seller was greedy :-p , and the same book was around $20 in textbookx , wth ? to be accurate just use search engines like for best deals . . to compare prices. . so no college books are not really expensive if you are wise in shopping :-)

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    My daughter paid between $300-$550 for books per semester-and that was on the low side.

    Some students can pay up to $1000 per semester. Science text books tend to be more expensive.

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    They are free in my country so yeah

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