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How long/far is a touchdown?

How far does the ball have to travel for it to be a touchdown? NFL Rules only please.

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    The longest possible TD is 99 yards. The shortest is 1 yard. It depend on what yardline the ball is when the play starts. If the line of scrimmage is the defense's 40 yard line, a TD would be 40 yards from that distance. If it is the offense's 40 yard line, it is 60 yards. Do you follow?

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    In the NFL, a play results in a touchdown, once any part of the football crosses the goal line.

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    My first impulse was to say officially one yard, but it can actually go backwards for negative yards and be a touchdown the other way if it was a loose ball in the end zone, so there is no number.

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    the ball doesn't have to travel a certain length, as long as it gets to the end zone

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    an inch

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