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Raniele asked in PetsFish · 6 years ago

is it okay to use tap water if I have a filter in the tank?

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  • 6 years ago
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    The main problem with tap water is the chlorine used for disinfecting purposes. You can buy tablets or liquids to remove chlorine, but this is not necessary. Chlorine remains in microscopic bubbles in drinking water but it wants to escape. If you agitate the water when you add it by splashing, or get a bucketful and stir it and repeat an hour later before adding it; most of the chlorine will disperse into the atmosphere. Chlorine does not poison a fish (or a person) even though it is considered poisonous. What it does is interfere with your ability to absorb oxygen because it is heavier than air and fills your lungs.

    I've been a tropical fish keeper for almost 50 years and worked at a water treatment plant for 30 years.

    There might be some other issues with your tap water such as iron or manganese levels (particularly it the source water is from a well rather than a lake or river) but your water supplier will probably answer any questions about that. Just explain your question and ask them for help. Another problem might lie in your home's piping system. If the pipes are particularly old, there might be some lead solder (from joints) or iron leaching from the piping itself. Most big city water departments have to take random samples from around the city on a daily basis (They often use places such as a gas station or restaurant sink.) They are usually open to retrieving a sample from a customer and using that for their sample in your particular part of town.

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  • Ianab
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Possibly not.

    Problem with tap water is that it may contain chlorine, and this is VERY toxic to fish. So you need to use water conditioner to neutralise this. Once you add that, it should be safe.

    The filter does NOTHING for chlorine, and in fact chlorine may kill the natural bacteria in the filter, and stop it working properly.

    So tap water is fine, as long as you use water conditioner. The filter is to process the ammonia that the fish themselves produce, and it also helps replenish the oxygen in the water, simply by moving it about. This is totally different from the chlorine problem, so you need both conditioner and a filter.


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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Yes!!! But remember to use water conditioner every Water changes...

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  • 6 years ago

    Yes... but remember to put fish again only after some hours so that the filter will clean up the water.

    Source(s): I always use tapwater for my tank..
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