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Has every New York major sports team (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) won their championships in the same 10 year span?

I'm posting this question again because I didn't get any quality answers. So I'll give a good explaination this time...

I want to know if New York has won one of each of the four major sports. So if the Yankees won, then the Mets didn't have to.

If not, how close have they gotten?

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    NFL: 1990 (Giants)

    MLB: 1986 (Mets)

    NBA: none

    NHL: 1983 (Islanders)


    NFL: none

    MLB: '77, '78 (Yankees)

    NBA: 1973 (Knicks)

    ABA: '74, '76 (Nets [became the New Jersey Nets, now Brooklyn Nets])

    NHL: '80, '81, '82, '83 (Islanders)

    An NBA team never won since 1973 (The ABA Nets excluded)

    No NHL team won between '40-'80 and '83-'94

    No NFL team won between '68-'86 and 1990-2007

    The NBA team Knicks exist since 1946. They didn't win until 1970

    So, the answer is no.

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    The NY MLB teams (Mets, Yankees, Giants and Dodgers) since the 1950s have had the most Championships, but the NHL had none in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and the NBA only produced Championships in the 70s. The NFL produced no Championships in the 60s and 70s.

    No, it has never been done.

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    NFL: Giants (1)

    NBA: none

    NHL: none

    MLB: Yankees (6)

    Dodgers (1)

    Giants (1)


    MLB: Yankees (2), Mets

    NFL: None, but Jets in AFL

    NBA: none

    NHL: none


    MLB: Yankees (2)

    NFL: None

    NHL: none

    NBA: Knicks (2)


    MLB: Mets

    NHL: Islanders (4)

    NBA: none

    NFL: Giants


    NFL: Giants

    NBA: None

    NHL: Rangers (1) & Devils (1)

    MLB: Yankees (3)


    MLB: Yankees (2)

    NHL: Devils (2)

    NBA: none

    NFL: Giants

    No, it hasn't been done in the last 60 years:

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