Can a relationship still work if we have different interests?

There's this guy on okcupid that I've been wanting to message but haven't because our interests are kinda different. He's a year older than me and is in school for animation/filming. He's all into movies and animation. I'm into animation and movies too, but not on a professional level like him. I don't really like having big discussions on movies because I don't really see movies that often. I had two friends like that and I felt like such a third wheel. I don't wanna feel like that with this guy. But anyway, I'm into video games, anime, and some computers/technology stuff. I'm wanting to major in computer programming. He has more of a creative side while I'm more logical. I'm not creative at all lol. He likes anime, but doesn't seem to be into it as much as I am. So it's kinda hard for me to think of a good first message to send him. I have a good feeling we might get along good. If not a boyfriend, then at least friends. Any help please?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hey opposites attract. I'm sure he didn't put everything that he's interested in on his profile. The best way to see if the two of you could be compatible would be to just start talking to him. Don't pass up on something just because of what he wrote on his profile. I would just talk to him and see if it works out or not. Good luck!


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    7 years ago

    Of course. Many people say opposites attract.

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