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Is this 1ohm stable ?

Ive been told this was and some say its not but is this stable at 1 ohm a Kenwood kac-9104D 1800 watt class D mono amp .

and im also wodering is 1ohm or 2ohm better for running two subs ? Thanks

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    You have a good Class D Amplifier there,and you must learn there is no such think as a 1 or 2 ohm Class D Amplifier,this Amplifier is wired to what ever Ohm's load your Sub's are to start with and how many you use,you have the wrong understanding of how Ohm's works. look at this site (RF TECH WOOFER WIRING WIZARD),Google it it's a good site to use when wiring up any Sub or multiply Subs. Just so you get a Quick idea,say you have a 2 of 4 Ohm Subs and you wire them you will end up with a 2 ohm load on the Amplifier.Also the 1800 is a peak power rating and your Sub's should seldom reach this figure. it's the Continuous RMSw's you should be looking to match up with this type equipment if it's a set of subs you double the figure and find a class d amp that is putting out a match to that figure or as close as you can get for continuousRMSw's. Youtube in the car audio area has every car audio install known to man on video check it out. Your class D Amp may tell you it can handle a 2 ohm load or even 1 ohm load, but until you pick the sub's and the Ohms load they are and make sure you know what ohm's load your Amp can be wired down too handle,this is more of how it the owners manual and it will tell you if it's one ohm stable,if it is just friends telling you this it's not worth risking the Amplifier.The lower the Ohms load on the Amp the bigger the hit to your rides charging system,2 ohm is safe for your equipment and charging system.

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    the manual isn't hard to find, and it clearly states the speaker should be greater than or equal to 1 ohm.

    However, that amp has an extensive history of not running well at 1 ohm, and since it produces the same amt of power at 1 ohm that it does at 2 ohms there is NO reason to run it lower than 2 ohms.

    Also, that amp is pretty significantly over-rated. When it was in production there was an independent test done on one that found it to produce 650w rms at 2 ohms instead of its claimed 900w rms.

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