whats your favorite k-pop song ?

i just want to download some good k-pop song

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  • Kace
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    7 years ago
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    1. Without You feat. girl from new YG Girl Group

    2. Crayon

    3. Missing You feat. Kim Yoona

    4. Crooked

    5. Black

    6. Who You

    7. Coup d'état

    8. Heartbreaker


    1. Wedding Dress

    2. Take It Slow

    3. I'll Be There

    4. Ringa Linga


    1. Gotta Talk to U

    2. Come to My

    3. What Can I Do

    4. VVIP


    1. Tell Me Goodbye

    2. Fantastic Baby

    3. Round & Round

    4. Feeling

    5. Ego

    6. Haru Haru

    7. Lies

    8. Heaven

    9. Last Farewell

    10. Blue

    11. Bad Boy


    1. Man In Love

    2. Amazing

    3. Julia

    4. The Chaser

    5. That Year's Summer


    1. Andante

    2. A Day

    3. Haru

    4. Only You

    5. A-oh (Super Junior-M)

    6. It's You (they have remixes and rearrangements too)

    7. Sorry, Sorry (same with It's You)

    8. Shake It Up / Shake It Up (Remix Version)

    9. Daydream

    10. My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

    11. Feels Good

    12. Opera


    1. Genie (lots of amazing remixes and rearrangements too)

    2. Run Devil Run

    3. Let It Rain

    4. Born to be a Lady

    5. Baby Maybe

    6. Trick

    7. Telepathy

    8. Oscar

    9. How Great Is Your Love

    10. Diamond

    11. Baby Steps (TaeTiSeo)


    1. Missing You

    2. Lonely

    3. Love Is Ouch

    4. I Am The Best

    5. Let's Go Party

    6. Pretty Boy

    7. Ugly


    One Love - Kahi (After School)

    Leggo - Miryo feat. Narsha (both from Brown Eyed Girls)

    Kill Bill - Brown Eyed Girls

    1-4-3 - Henry Lau

    My Everything - Henry Lau

    Tomorrow - Tablo feat. Taeyang

    If You Love Me - NS Yoon G feat. Jay Park

    The Reason I Became A Witch - NS Yoon G

    Suddenly - Kim Bo Kyung (Theme song of City Hunter)

    Don't You Know - Davichi (Theme song of IRIS)

    Better - SHINee

    Before The Song Ends - JJ Project feat. Suzy of miss A

    Memory - FT Island

    Severely - FT Island

    I Wish - FT Island

    I Hope - FT Island

    Beautiful Stranger - f(x)

    Let's Try - f(x)

    And a lot more. Hope this helped you!

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  • 7 years ago

    right now.. (personal fav kpop songs ^^)

    BAP- One Shot, Hurricane, Coffee Shop, No Mercy, Warrior

    Teen Top- Rocking, To You, Supa Luv

    VIXX- Voodoo, Only U, On and On

    BTS- No More Dream, Coffee, N.O

    Block B- Very Good, NAlina, Nilili Mambo

    B1A4- Whats Happening

    A-Pink- No No No

    Secret- Magic, Madonna

    G-Dragon- Crooked

    Phantom-New Era

    LC9-Mama Beat

    EXO- Growl

    Yong Junhyun-Flower

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    They are too many but the bests are the following:


    Why Goodbye-The Boss

    Confession of a friend-2AM

    I Am the Best-2NE1

    Hands Up-2PM

    How Dare You-Sistar

    Breathe-Miss A

    When I Miss You-Beast

    Fantastic Baby-Big Bang

    Nilili Mambo-Block B

    Monday to Sunday-BtoB

    Happy Birthday-Baek Ho of NU:EST


    Stand by Me-SHINee

    U-Lee Taemin

    Me, In-Wonder Girls

    Like Money-Wonder Girls



    7 Years of Love-Kyuhyun of Super Junior


    Dreaming-Kim Soo Hyun




    So many more are remained :)

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  • YaNa
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Girls' Generation- Genie

    F(x)- Beautiful Stranger

    T-ara- Don't leave

    Lee Hyori- Miss Korea

    U-kiss- 0330

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    a list would be Big Bang, Shinee, exo-k, b2st(beast), fan fav SNSD are some of the top lately so far this year

    Source(s): www.kpopprofile.com
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  • 7 years ago

    Literally anything by EXO or VIXX.

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