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steam download very slow?

is it me . i just checked my internet speed and its at 5 ping and 75mps download and this is fiber optic.

my pc connect by cable not wireless becuase cable faster. so my download speed on steam is 1.3mbps some thing go's lower but never higher. i even have a app that put all internet speed on my pc to steam i.e steam will get all the speed where internet browser will run slow. at the mo off this post my pc is the only one using internet. so steam should be downloanding file a lot faster

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    If Steam was updating, you won't be able to download anything else. Actually, you won't be able to do anything.

    You should change your download area. First, open up Steam. Then click on 'Steam'(on the top left corner) and then 'settings'. Go to the 'Downloads+Cloud' tab. Change the 'Download region' to wherever is closest to where you are.

    Change 'Approximate speed of your internet connection' to 256kbps.

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