How should I go about making this boy want me?

In preface to further detail I am a lesbian, and I am basically the school's mascot lesbian. I have quite a rep for being the lesbian, and it's just kind of my social medals.

A guy friend of mine who is a sophomore (I am a junior), let us call him Aaron, had a very dear phone conversation one night where he expressed his deep interest in me and how he wanted more than anything for me to not be a lesbian. Because this is high school, and you know, yolo, I decided to take the bate and allow him to pursue me. Relatively quickly, with a couple of breaks and emotional scenes, he and I began dating, with me having the complete upper hand in the relationship in full confidence that if things were to end, it would be my doing.

Well, things certainly did end, but not in the way I intended for them too. He broke up with me twelve days in to the relationship, and his reasoning was that he was not romantically interested in me anymore because I showed too much narcissism which reminded him of his ex girlfriend and because he realized that I was not as sweet and innocent as he thought I was at the beginning of our friendship. He did express however, that he does immensely enjoy our friendship and would also love to continue to have a physical-only kind of thing going, friends with benefits you could call it.

My goal now is make him want me, as I did develop some unexpected emotional liking and even some attachments. However, I must go about this rather cleverly using a more permanent method in persuading him to gain interest in me that extends beyond methods of guilt and pressure. This is where my question comes in as I am not entirely aware in how the male brain works, and I need ideas and tactics for weakening his emotions for me.

One method that I considered doing this in was to go along with his idea of friends with benefits for a month or so and allow it to progressively lead to mind-blowing sexual acts that will make me physically irresistible and then randomly tell him how I feel I've realized that a physical-only relationship is in fact quite degrading to me, and that he must choose to either have me as merely a friend or in a complete relationship as I will no longer settle for less than my worth. Now this could be a working plan, but it is not extremely permanent as it is an ultimatum which is a bit of a form of pressure, and decisions made in pressure tend to not be extremely lasting.

If there are any other plans of action to induce feelings for me, please give me some ideas. I have made it a goal to wind up in something of a meaningful relationship with him


Oh my @Star Logan, somebody is a little bit homophobic, eh? I am a lesbian, yes, and a proud one I might add, but I do have a legitimate emotional fondness for this Aaron boy. Of course, I understand that you, as an inexperienced and un-worldy person, might find my actions to be of all lies and deceit, and perhaps many of them are, but they are all done in just and in the hopes that I may have a real, meaningful, and impactful relationship with this Aaron boy. I would, however, like you to understand that not all homosexuals are as cold and calculated as myself just as not all heterosexuals are warm and loving people. I do hope that one day you can see beyond your own bigotry. Have a good day, Star Logan, and I do hope that you find yourself looking up more to people in life. It will get you so much further than your current status of looking down the bridge of your nose at the populace.

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  • 6 years ago
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    I can tell you are a Lesbian... you know how...

    Because like ALL homosexuals you learn Deception and deceit, that's probably the real reason he doesn't want you.

    Just leave him alone and find someone gay you can make miserable and talk about straight people in between other talks of how to have good sex.. because that's all homosexual talk about; Sex and Stupid Heterosexuals (mouth breeders) right... Admit it!

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  • 6 years ago

    If you're a lesbian then it would be wrong of you to string this boy along. Not until you are 100% certain you DO have true feelings for him, and not simply feelings of very fond friendship.

    Otherwise you could find yourself ruining a very good friendship for something you're not sure you actually want.

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  • 6 years ago

    3sum with one of your lesbian or bi friends. Believe me that will keep any guy hooked

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