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on set是什麼意思

今天在搜尋連續劇 "Sherlcok"的相關新聞時一直看到"on set", 卻一直看不懂到底什麼意思。


以下提供三段有看到"on set"的段落。


 'Very proud' Benedict Cumberbatch's real parents make a cameo in Sherlock premiere



 Cumberbatch said filming the scenes had been both stressful and rewarding for himself and the two veteran actors. "It was kind of nerve-wracking. They’re actors, and they get nervous as well, and yet they were brilliant, they hit home runs, they were fantastic and it was lovely – really, really nice – to have them on set... It was really gorgeous, a very special feeling."


 Reality becomes fantasy! Martin Freeman looks set to wed real-life partner Amanda Abbington as they shoot new Sherlock scenes



 [此為照片描述]Getting married? Off-screen partners Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington appear to be getting married on set of BBC show Sherlock as their characters Dr Watson and Mary Morstan make a dash to a wedding venue


 The TV show's pathologist side-kick Molly Hooper - played by pretty 34-year-old actress Louise Brealey - was also on set for the episode.


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    um.. on set 應該是說, get ready to xxxx, 你可以把 on set 拆開來看.

    Set, 這裡應該是用在關於一個scene 或者說是一個 '舞台‘, 想像一下一個舞台劇或movie, 像studio, 正的環節都用好, like 燈光, cinematography, etc. 這整個都用好, 就可以說, 這件事 on set.

    Set 意思是 -- to establish or to assign.

    那 On set 整個就是說, 那set is on(already).

    所以, 在拍電影時, 當大家工作都準備好, then it means it's 'on set'.

    所以呢. "Off-screen partners Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington appear to be getting married 'on set' of BBC show......"

    'on set', 在BBC show 的那個setting/ stage. 他們的關係是在舞台/ stage/ movie set/ 被present 出來.


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    set 是指拍攝地點/布景

    所以on set是指在拍攝場地/在戯裏

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    "On set" does have many meanings, but on music (or theater) "set" means "a group of pieces/scenes" to be played/acted in certain sequence, or the time duration for such.

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    on set:在影劇上的術語,白話就是:"劇中"的意思.

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