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Why am I so lazy, tired, and unmotivated?

My laziness is starting to become a problem and I really can't stand it anymore. I don't do anything at all. I'm not in sports (granted, I've never been that athletic), and the hobbies I have picked up over the years just seem like chores now. I'm even too lazy to do things I used to enjoy. I used to love painting and sketching, I even tried picking up guitar but became uninterested quickly.

I feel like anything I try to do, I won't be good at. Even doing art since I was little, I feel like I haven't improved much. Which makes me want to give up, and then I'm just too lazy to try anymore even though I enjoy it. The only thing I'm proud of/ confident about is maintaining good grades. I don't know what's wrong with me. I sleep entirely too much. Of course I go to school, but I sleep in terribly late on the weekends and on breaks. I set alarms, just to turn them off and go back to sleep. This has caused me to be bored with life considering I don't see much of it. I often don't get up and moving until 3 in the afternoon on these days. I feel like some contributors to this problem may be a combination of depression and ADHD (my mother suffers from these as well) since I lose interest in things way too quickly/ don't even want to try to find new things I enjoy.

I used to think I had depression, but I've gotten a lot happier the past couple of years. I began to think I could control my happiness, which led me to believe that depression was kind of something I made up in my mind. But it's starting to sink in again, mainly because I feel like I'm doing nothing with my life and I'm realizing I'm not good at anything. I still don't even have my license, because I'm too lazy to practice driving. I feel like a complete failure. I am 17 years old, and already bored with life. Maybe it's hormones, I don't know. But I'm scared for the future and being lazy doesn't help to prepare for it. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know how to fix this and I'm starting to hate myself for it. I don't really know who to talk to about this, which is why I'm on here. I feel like even more of a **** up since I am on here. I know I'll probably get hateful things said to me on here, but if anyone could help me to feel better/ suggest things to help me improve, I would be very grateful for it.


Thank you so much, Erin. It really helps a lot knowing I'm not the only person that feels this way. And I'm usually with my friends a lot of the time. Mainly because I hate being alone and I think I also do it to avoid things that I need to get done and to avoid feeling the way I do when I'm alone. I feel like I do need to distant myself from people for awhile though, so I can focus on myself and try to fix this problem.

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    Nononono don't feel bad! Exactly the same thing is happening to me. I'm in highschool too and today I think I slept in till past noon. I like drawing and really want to become good at it so I got a drawing tablet for Christmas but I've already stopped using it since my art is so shitty and I don't seem to improve. I also used to love playing guitar but now I never practice. It takes me forever to get out of bed in the morning and I don't look forward to anything anymore. I used to be obsessed with watching anime and playing video games but now I just lie on the couch and go on Tumblr for hours. I've tried to be productive by typing stories (fanfiction lol) but now I feel like there's no point to doing anything anymore. So you're not the only one feeling like this. My parents think I'm depressed (I probably am) and they actually asked me today if I wanted to go see a therapist. Though I think my biggest problem is that I stay indoors all day and I never text my friends so I feel extremely lonely but I'm too lazy to go hang out with them. I've looked up depression symptoms and being lazy and uninterested in things you used to enjoy is one of the main symptoms. I suggest that you talk with your parents about it if your comfortable. I personally hate myself for feeling this way and I'm kinda in denial that I need help from other people so I've been refusing to discuss it with my parents... Some things I've looked up to help improve include exercising (like going on a run, going on a treadmill, etc) and socializing with others. Therapy and antidepressants are another option but you'd need to talk to your parents and doctor about that. Well sorry that this turned out kinda long but I hope you start feeling better!

    • I'm 22 and I've been going through the same thing almost. I don't even feel like telling my parents, mainly because I'm so confused about how I really feel, plus I get nervous about bringing up anything important to my mom. I hope you two are having a better time now.

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    I have the same problems, I'm 17 and a senior, with 2 A's (Electives) 2 C's (Math and German) and 2 F's (L.A and Physics) The problem has never been hardness of the material, just that I can't get motivated or focused on doing work or studying, when I can focus I get A's and B's, as with last year I had a 3.5 4th quarter. But it seems that throughout my whole school life I have been failing to complete or even attempt most of the work due to lack of focus and motivation (pretty much all I do is play games and read books) and today my father asked me why, I did some research, and I honestly have not really liked myself in a long time for various reasons and even though im not depressed (especially not with suicidal thoughts) my dislike has led me to become unmotivated and only focused on escaping and I found a good article on this if you think it might be your issue I hope this helps and I hope that you, anyone else that has this issue, and I can finally be free and get motivated.

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    Feeling Unmotivated

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    I came here for the same reason...hoping for answers. As seems normal as you need extra sleep.Thats how I use to be. Im now 31, and taking meds for it. It helps with the Anxiety but I'm still sleeping way too much and "lazy" a lot of the time. Im not in school any more so I have to pay 60 bucks every time I want to see a councillor..but that helps too. Exersize and eating a plant based diet such as The Starch Solution and Raw Till 4 help too! But...easier said than done. Same with exercise. I have a coffee ever morning which...not even sure it helps n e more. I can sleep all day if I let myself..just watching life pass me by. I have so many things I WANT TO DO AND GREAT IDEAS...but struggle to follow through. How do we get the energy to get up and get moving every day...not sure,,,,:/ Sorry wish I could b more help

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    First try adjusting your diet and lifestyle. If you sleep too much you will be tired more often. If you don't exercise you won't have as much energy. This seems to go against common sense but it is true.

    Eat your vegetables, drink enough water, breathe calmly yet deeply, etc. Hemp seeds are a great thing to eat as well, probably the healthiest thing to eat in existence and they taste decent enough. Avoid excessive sugar, caffeine and other drugs.

    You might even consider taking up qigong. That has also boosted my energy levels enormously and improved every aspect of my life.

    I highly recommend not taking pills to deal with it. Medication treats symptoms but does not cure the root cause of your problems, not to mention many medications can lead to adverse and dangerous side effects. If you do everything listed above every day and you don't feel better, then consider seeking professional help.

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      This is really helpful, thank you. I really believe in natural ways to deal with problems rather than taking medication. I looked up some ways on how to practice qigong but a lot of the sites give different ways on how to practice it. Do you have any steps/tips on how I can get started?

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    OMG! We're in the same situation then.. I used to play guitar and do some kind of art like painting and/or drawing, we have a showcase project in my Creative Arts and Technology academy and it's due next week, they gave us 4 weeks to finish what we have and I haven't started it yet. It's a procrastination, I'm telling myself that I should begin to draw for my project but I suddenly said "I'm too lazy, I better do this tomorrow after school" or "I will just do this this weekend" and "There's still time, I still have 2-3 weeks left". I feel like I really don't have time to do an artwork or something else I enjoyed before, feeling like getting lazy. I was planning for my future before, then now I am afraid and I even took the ASVAB test. What I just do now is to maintain my grades too because I don't want to be an embarrassment to my family that feels like I'm uneducated or something like that... Yeah, yeah... I should tell you a lot more but, yeah.. That's it for now... :)

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    You sound depressed. The worst thing you could do is take meds, which are a temporary fix and may cause other issues. Try prayer, eating more raw fruits and veggies, drink lots of pure water, get hours of sleep, force yourself to exercise (even if it's 30 minutes a day from a workout video).

    I have been where you are and it's depression.

  • 5 years ago just described me in detail even the art and guitar. Everything. Amazing to know im not alone.Not told my parents though. Dont know how they'll take it because I feel like im just weird.Dont know what to do.

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      Same here, 17 years old, unmotivated, lazy, gave up hobbies, feeling hopeless for the future... And the way I appeared here replying feels...weird. I even think this has had happened to me since I was a child, but now it's gotten worse.

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    Yea now i feel like i m not alone in the world with thus stupid laziness, me too I get good grades and am nearly 0 in all other activities, just get bored of everything very quickly (except my iPhone though 😅),

    I am too lazy to even get myself a glass of water (WTF!!),

    Well thanks you asked question, people answered, i read them all and now i'll try and Improve myself theough these ways :-)

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    I feel so lazy that I don't feel like reading the whole thing.

    • I get that way too on occasion. Thankfully not now, but at times, I get too lazy to read a full essay on Tumblr.

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