Basic training medical problem?

I made one of these already but I didn't really get an answer. So I go back to basic(from Holiday Block Leave) on the 4th of January, so in one more day pretty much. Now, I've noticed a problem that's been affecting my training, especially with grenades because it's made me fail it twice and also with shooting. The problem is that I shake a lot, not only my hands but my legs, neck, arms and body sometimes. I was wondering if this is an issue I should bring up to the doctor if it's messing with my training and also since I'm in training to be an 11C, if it could be dangerous to someone else or myself. I believe that it's Essential Tremors, from what my Uncle said, who's a doctor and everything I've looked up matches it perfectly as well. It also gets a lot worse with stress and no matter how calm I am, it doesn't go away, not even close. I thought it was cause I was weak at first but after 6 weeks of basic it's actually gotten worse. Is this something I should bring up, even if it means a medical discharge or ELS since I'm only 6 weeks in?

It's not nerves by the way, I notice it all the time, even while I've been home and I am calm as can be I still shake if I put my hands out in front of me or if I'm doing a squat my legs shake or in the front leaning rest for even just 10 seconds my arms will shake and if I hold my head up while laying down my neck shakes, a lot.


Yes, I'd like to be a Paramedic if I wasn't in the Army. It would suck to be medically discharged or ELS'd out but it wouldn't be something I'd think about for the rest of my life. I'd get over it. I just know it could get worse, especially with where I could end up going and getting deployed and I just really don't want to end up getting myself hurt or worse, someone else

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    7 years ago
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    Yes, go to sick hall. Get it checked out. Your performace down range will affect your comrades. They have to be able to depend on you when **** its the fan. Go to sick hall and see what the doc says. You'll most likely be on profile and miss a lot of training but its okay. Its for the best. Good Luck.

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    If you were disqualified from the military, would that be a problem for you? Since your job can be highly stressful at times, I think it's not only bad for the people around you, but it will also make your condition worse. You should see a doctor to get it checked out. But like you mentioned it could cost you your military career. I think your health is more important and if it effects you with shooting and things of that nature, it could not only get worse, but you could accidently harm others or yourself. So yes bring it upon the doctors attention and also if you end up getting disqualified, Do you have another career plan in mind? Good luck.

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