Are female soldiers more of a liability in combat?

Here's the deal. Female marines have a minimum PFT pull up of 3, most of them weigh 150lbs below...they can't pull their own body weight how the hell can they carry their buddies in a crossfire if ever someone was hit.

Sorry ladies but the top 10% of female soldier rank only as average to their male counterparts. I have no doubt about their skills but how about endurance, speed and strength. YOU NEED THOSE IN COMBAT tssk...

The "Well everyone has the right to defend their countries"

Well yeah, as long as they can defend and not be a liability in combat operations.

I think that since feminist love so much gender equality... I think that everything should be in standard. Women just like men must have the same requirement in training, if you don't make the cut then get out we don't need you.

What do you think?

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    7 years ago
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    That's pretty much an opinion thrown in with a bit of factual information. Here are some facts:

    1. Not EVERY female would necessarily be a liability in combat. That's generalizing just a bit too much. That's like saying every man is capable of being in combat (or being in a combat MOS, whichever you mean). That's simply not true. The Marines IOC has a pretty large drop out/failure rate (of the male officers) anyhow so that's saying something. That's not to say all of those who fail IOC aren't suited for combat, but they didn't make it through IOC. There are some men who wash out of basic training even (and some women).

    2. There's a difference between serving in combat vs. being in a combat job. Anybody can be thrown in combat even if they're an admin's happened before and women have been in combat (and there have been women who've received silver stars and such).

    3. I'm sure there are female Marines who not only exceed the minimum of 3 pull ups, but exceed the male minimum. Not as many, but still, there are some, which goes back to point #1.

    "I think that everything should be in standard. Women just like men must have the same requirement in training"

    I've spoken to women in both the Marines and Army who feel the same, but they don't get to make the choice. Women in the military don't necessarily equal the feminists who say, "equality but not the same standards" and certainly don't make up the people who make the standards.

    You seem intent on bashing women who serve but in reality, it's not really the women in the military (or most of them) who want equal rights but different standards, it's the politically correct civilians.

  • 7 years ago

    Period jokes aside let me start off by saying you shouldn't ask someone their opinion and then feed them your polarized view before allowing them a chance to respond. Now more to the point...

    Like Sproc said this is pitting non-combat ready women against combat ready men. Could the average woman pick up a fully grown man and all his gear and carry him out of a hot zone under fire? No. But there's a reason when the Marines opened infantry training to women last year only 3 made it through. 3. And those are not average women.

    My point is that regardless of how physically fit the average woman marine or soldier may or may not be, they will not be intentionally put into a combat situation (like a house to house raid with an infantry platoon) unless they have been deemed by their superiors to be fit and ready for physical challenges associated with those activities. This is exactly what they do with men in case you haven't noticed. They wouldn't let you become a Green Beret if you couldn't do 20 push ups, would they?

    Sometimes women and men who are not combat MOS get caught up in fire fights just out of bad luck, and they do everything they can. there have been several women who were awarded silver stars for their bravery and gallantry in action. Some of whom actually did drag wounded men to safety under fire.

    If you have a problem with women in the service and you don't want to be along side them, then nut up and go for a special operations unit that doesn't allow women or stay out of the military altogether. Otherwise, relax.

  • 7 years ago

    I think that there should be a standard that is blind to a persons sex. If a person (male or female) cannot do their job, don't hire them. If they can (male or female) then they are a good pick.

    In my personal experience, i have yet to see a situation where there was a need to disallow a certain sex to do a certain job. From what I've seen of the military, females do just as good as their male counterparts so I don't get what you are complaining about. I also would like to go on the record that having a less then ideal candidate is better then none at all.

  • 7 years ago

    IF women want to have the infantry roles and special operations/forces jobs that males have they already said they have to pass the same physical requirements as men.

    I'm sure they can lift men out of firefights. I mean they're women firefighters who have to carry people out of burning houses, so I guess they can do the same.

    I don't 100% agree with females having infantry roles, not that I doubt their ability. Just it'll cause more harm then good in my opinion.

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  • PoBoy
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    7 years ago

    No. I've played lots of competitive coed sports. Women are frequently the best athletes on the field. That being true, why would a woman not be able to handle combat?

  • 7 years ago

    Nonsense. Women serve in the front lines of other countries with no problems. Perhaps the problem lies with antiquated notions of women.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I think that is your opinion. But you have no say-so in the matter, so whatever!

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