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8. In which of the following countries are Shia Muslims the majority?

A. Turkey

B. Saudi Arabia

C. Yemen

D. Iran

9. Among regional languages, _______ combines Hindi with Arabic script and is the official language of


A. Punjabi; Afghanistan

B. Urdu; Pakistan

C. Sinhalese; Sri Lanka

D. Bengali; Bangladesh

10. Which of the following was the main purpose behind the formation of the Arab League in 1945?

A. To unite all Arab countries under a single Pan-Arab state

B. To create a Pan-Arab economic bloc to counter Western hegemony

C. To unite Arab opposition to the founding of Israel

D. To establish a homeland for the Palestinians

11. In 1997, the year the Kyoto Protocol was endorsed by more than 120 countries, the top carbon dioxide

emitters included Persian Gulf states such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Among the top 10

emitters, which country ranked seventh?

A. Bahrain

B. Saudi Arabia

C. Kuwait

D. United States

12. Among the most populous of South Asian cities, Karachi is located in _______ and Dhaka is located in


A. Pakistan; Bangladesh

B. India; Pakistan

C. Bangladesh; India

D. Bangladesh; Pakistan

13. The center of the largest film industry in the world, "Bollywood," and Dharavi, the largest slum in

India, are both located in

A. Kolkata.

B. Mumbai.

C. Delhi.

D. Chennai.

14. In modern India, the "Garden City" of _________ is known as India's "Silicon Valley."

A. Kolkata

B. New Delhi

C. Bengaluru

D. Mumbai

15. After the Iranian Revolution of 1979 brought the Ayatollah Khomeini to power, fundamentalist Islamic

sharia law was infused into Iranian government policies. In reaction to this development, most

A. Sunni Muslims rejected sharia law, because most Iranians are Shia.

B. Muslim countries also adopted sharia law.

C. Muslim countries turned to terrorism to further Muslim interests.

D. Muslim countries rejected and suppressed Islamic fundamentalists.

16. Which of the following statements about Nepal is true?

A. It became a democracy in the 1980s.

B. It's a Muslim country that has fostered good relations with the British.

C. Up until 2006, Maoist guerillas caused major disruptions in urban areas.

D. The country's official policy emphasizes "gross national happiness."

17. The 1959 Nile Water Agreement between Egypt and _______ led to the construction of the Aswan

High Dam.

A. Syria

B. Sudan

C. Saudi Arabia

D. Libya

18. In a/an _______ economy, the production of a wide range of manufactured products becomes more

economically important than primary production and a service sector begins to develop.

A. international

B. developing

C. production

D. diversified

19. OPEC was formed in 1960 in order to

End of exam

A. create a cartel that would control global oil supplies.

B. coordinate the interests of producing countries by regulating oil prices.

C. enhance oil and natural gas production technologies among member states.

D. negotiate the interests of OPEC member countries within the United Nations.

20. What was Mustafa Ataturk's contribution to modern Turkey?

A. He was instrumental in policy changes that gave Turkey membership in NATO.

B. He established a democratic, parliamentary government.

C. He breathed new vitality into Turkish culture through religious reforms.

D. He began the process of turning Turkey into a modernized, secular state.

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