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老師解釋完 還是有點模糊

bring to 跟 result in 有什麼差別嗎? 再用一些例子說明.

.......... we know that lots of male adolescents begin to smoke cigarettes because

they think smoking will make them look cool. Some of them even believe smoking will make them look mature,which can attract the eyes of the opposite sex. Nonetheless,

the study mentioned above confirms some consequences smoking ______ people's

physical apperance. Since most of the adolescents do care about their looks,the

news that smoking makes people older perhaps can stop them from lighting up.

(a) results in

(b) results from

(c) brings down

(d) brings to


thanks for the comment. I think I have a clear concept between two

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    First, I like to focus on "bring to". It has 3 basic possible meanings:

    (1)to come with something or someone to a place or a situation

    (2)to cause something or someone to come

    (3)to cause something to happen, exist or start

    However, "result in" ONLY has the meaning of "to cause something to happen, exist or start."

    Second, " smoking ______ people's physical appearance" only indicates what smoking can "come with" not "cause". After all, smoking has no such a power that can alter someone's appearance. However, it can give an impression to someone's appearance. This "impression" comes with smoking, and is caused by smoking.

    Let me give you an example that you can see the difference right away:

    A list of suggested things to bring and not bring to campus. Violation of this rule could result in a fine and removal unalloyed items.

    2014-01-02 00:54:21 補充:

    unalloyed ==> not-allowed

    2014-01-02 00:57:16 補充:

    The answer shall be "bring to," not "result in."

    2014-01-02 02:10:00 補充:

    I use "not-allowed" with hyphen, not "not allowed" without the hyphen.

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    to star:

    THANKS. but I know bring about = result in, i just want to know the difference between "result in" and "bring to",because I thought that I translated the setence had a little bit similar..haha

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    這題克漏字的 distractors(誘答) bring to 應該是混淆 bring about 因為學生有時會以為result in =bring ("帶來"聽起來不是跟 "導致"很像)

    其實 result in = bring about= give rise to = contribute to= give rise to = cause

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    Smoking does alter people's physical appearance.

    The skin will become rougher, for instance.

    "Brings to" is the answer I would choose because it sounds right.

    But I don't know the grammar of that sentence.

    Is there an omitting "that" in between consequence and smoking?

    2014-01-02 01:30:22 補充:

    the study mentioned above confirms some consequences (which) smoking result in ON people's physical appearance. (O)

    If there is an ON before people's physical appearance, this sentence also sounds right to me.

    2014-01-02 01:36:13 補充:

    argh..I got it.

    the study mentioned above confirms some consequences [(which) smoking brings] to people's physical appearance.

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    not allowed items?

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