Mario kart DS action replay codes?

So I just bought a copy of Mario kart ds and I was going to use It in my action replay.. but it didn't work so I looked up the problem and I have a different 4 digit game id and 8 digit hex number

my id and hex # is ACMP-E45A2937.. when I put the game it says " unknown game inserted even though I took toe coked that were pre- put on the AR code manager..

so if anyone can fix this or get any codes for my numbers that would be great!

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  • 6 years ago
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    Most Action Replay devices come with an installation CD and a cable with which to hook your device to the computer.

    You'll have to install Action Replay's code manager and the device drivers. Once installed, you should see a "subscriptions" code list from Codejunkies. Find the game which matches your game ID, delete the pre-installed Mario kart codelist from your Action Replay, then drag-and-drop the matching codelist to your Action Replay. Click "Commit changes" and wait for the changes to be written to the device.

    As soon as it is finished, it should correctly detect your version of the game. Keep in mind which version of the game you own, as some codes won't work on a game if the region is different.

    Source(s): Past experience with Action Replay devices |
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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    complicated issue. seek in yahoo. this will help!

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