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My dog hyperventilated throughout rain, storms and fireworks! What should I do to stop this?

My dog caramel is six years old. Her and her sister toffee are loyal, and quite brave! But they are both terrified of rain, and thunder storms and fireworks. Caramel is the worst instead of just trying to run in the house or wanting to be around humans. She totally panics!! She shakes, runs around and I've noticed this as she's gotten older, she hyperventilates. My other dogs were easy to calm down by just stroking them on NYE but caramel was shitting herself. I know hyperventilating is dangerous! I have tried everything with her. She still does it whether she's in the house, alone or whatever but she quickly goes back to normal afterwards. I live in Africa and right now is the time where it rains heavily. Please give me tips on how to stop this and make her less anxious!!

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    Your vet can prescribe sedatives to dogs that have that kind of anxiety. Also try using a thundershirt. They have helped a lot of dogs that have anxiety with fireworks and thunder. Sometimes just putting them in a room with a tv or radio on can help.

    Here is a link that might help you find a thundershirt.


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    I don't know of a great way to get your dog used to thunder or fireworks but I do know of two somewhat reliable ways. The first is only as a last resort and that is because it's medication. I had a shitzu who couldn't even take our fireplace so we stopped having them but come the 4th of July I thought she was going to have a heart attack. The vet gave us a mild sedative to give her for fireworks or if we had really bad storms and it did calm her down but she was drugged and I didn't like that. I tried a method that a friend told me about and it takes away some of the stress but not all. You need to have a decent stereo and some dvds of storm sounds or fireworks or even guns like in a movie. You start by playing them a little loud but not too much and slowly increase it day by day. You need to go about your usual routine so the dog understands that you're not afraid. It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience but it might work for your dog. I hope you find a solution because I understand how useless you feel when you can't help your dog feel better. Good luck to you and your Caramel

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    I also think your dog could use a thundershirt; it helps some dogs. It's worth trying.

    I also agree you should check w/ the vet regarding sedatives. It may be something as simple as Benadryl, but please check with your vet before giving her medication.

    Have you tried playing the radio or TV to cover up some of the sound? Or distracting her by playing her favorite game?

    Poor Caramel; I hope you can find something for her soon. You sound like a good pet owner.

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