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How many bundles of hair for a 28" sew in?

Hi i am getting a weave soon but i only have a limeted amout of money, im mixed (chinese and english) and my hair is thick and deep waves/curly. I just bought 100g of 28" brazilian hair, how many more bundles will i need? Will i be ok if i just buy another bundle of 26"?


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    Idon't see why you need a weave, your hair sounds good to me. Wanna trade? LOL. Okay so, I don't understand your question, but all I know is that you need 300g-500g of hair in your head. Most bundles are 100g. So my suggestion would be:

    2 bundles for 8"-10" or 12"

    3 bundles for 12"-16" or 18"

    4 bundles for 18"-22"

    5 bundles for 22" or more

    I prefer medium density of hair. Some people like thick hair some people like thin hair.

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