ssd vs hdd? which is best?

I have a bunch of hd dvds of the shows i used to watch as a kid and started thinking of making a back up. I know right now I don't have a large amount but I'd rather have 1TB at least. I'm not sure if I'm able to recover data back if the drive fails but there's nothing that I can do. Which should I get for this kind of situation? SSD? or HDD? It's just going to be strictly video content mainly HD resolution anime and some shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.




Above are the choices I'm currently thinking about, I'm going with internal drive because I don't plan on moving it anywhere anytime soon


I currently own a Samsung 840 pro 512GB SSD as OS, and a 1TB Western Digital Black as pictures, music, and other media.

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    1. Speed

    2. Reliability

    3. Price

    Those are the three things you have to consider before when buying a hard drive.

    1. In terms of speed, an SSD is faster (in comparison to an HDD running at 5400 RPM), making it useful for gaming. But, looking at your criteria and need for a hard drive, the speed from an SSD would go unused, because a standard hard drive can easily handle the task of simple data retrieval for playing media that is not interactive.

    2. SSD once again wins in this category, having a VERY low failure rate in comparison to an HDD which can destroyed if the read/write head touches the disk due to physical shock or trauma. Despite this, hard drives are completely reliable IF treated properly (i.e. don't drop the HDD).

    3. From a price standpoint HDDs win in a landslide, just look at the price difference between options 1 and 2.

    From speed standpoint, option 3 can be eliminated because the speed it offers (at 10000 RPM) is grossly overdone and is, to be quite frank, a waste. Now returning to your origin question, I suggest you go with an HDD, and option 2. On the same note, I think 7200 RPM is still a bit much and I suggest you look at some 5400 RPM hard drives, If are set on the reliability of an SSD, I suggest you look towards using the money you would save by buying an HDD to store some of your more valuable content in the cloud, which is reliable, safe, and as fast as your internet connection.

    IN SHORT:, buy option *2* and look at cloud storage as another possibility.

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    video content, stick with an HDD. An SDD won't give you any advantage unless you copy the data from one disk to another.

    SDDs are also much harder (if not impossible) to recover data from incase a drive fails.

    SDDs are good for disk activities that need performance, like loading and handling the OS and most commonly used software packages, where you need to read and write data real fast. Swap space (paging file) should be put on SSD as wel.

    HDD's are a lot cheaper per GB but are a lot slower as well. They're good for backups and other storage needs.

    Since 1TB SSDs are still inappropriately expensive, it's better to get a 256GB SSD for your main system and a 1 or 2 TB HDD.

    If you do want to spend a little extra, you could opt for a hybrid storage drive. They usually come with 8 or 16GB of SSD memory on top of a normal mechanical disk. They combine a bit of the 2 advantages together, only being slightly more expensive than a 100% purebred mechanical HDD.

    If I were you, I wouldn't spend +$500 on an SSD (even though those Samsungs are very good). You're much better off spending a little less for a combo and then spend a little more on a decent GPU, extra memory, better cooling, bigger monitor, ... things that make a much more positive difference to you.

  • 7 years ago

    SSD's are for fast read and write of a small amount of data, they are expensive, small and fast, not what you are after for storing media. In this case since you are worried about data loss and backups, get 2 1TB HDD's and use your bios or another program to enable raid 1 on them.

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