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NFC Wildcard: 1849ers at GB Packers?

Packers fans,

Sunday's NFC Wildcard is at Lambeau, with the Pack hosting the Santa Clara-SF 1849ers at Lambeau.

Q 1. Why?

Asked because SC/SF 1849ers (12-4) have the better record than GB Packers (8-7).

source: NFL Schedule / Y! NFL


BTW: NOT an SC/SF fan, but assumed the stronger W-L record has the home field.

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    It all has to do with the division the teams are in. The Packers, who are in the NFC North, beat the Bears last week to win their division. The SF 49ers, who are in the NFC West, had much tougher competition being in arguably the hardest conference in football. The 49ers record was second to the Seahawks, who won the NFC West, causing SF to be a wildcard.

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  • Steve
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    6 years ago

    The top 4 seeds go to the 4 division winners. The 49ers didn't win their division. Green Bay did.

  • 6 years ago

    Because the Packers won their division, and the 49ers didn't. They took second to Seattle.

  • Ace
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    6 years ago

    SF 30 GB 24

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  • Bart
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    6 years ago

    Jackson, someone doesn't remember the 90's. But yes they have our number as of now.

  • 6 years ago

    49ers always dominate the packers

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