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Nags Head, North Carolina?

Hi. I may be moving fairly soon to Nags Head North Carolina.

Are there public schools to attend? Im in highschool.

Also, are there a lot of people?

What about non-denominational churches? I want friends and socialness haha.

Thanks. Please answer.

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    7 years ago
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    Nags Head is a great town and the high school is right beside the Wright Brother Memorial and the location of the first powered airplane flights. Because of this location the school is called First Flight High School.

    Here is a link to the school website

    Here is a link to a map of where the high school is located. Be sure to put the map on satallite or earth view and then you can better see the big circle above the school and that's the memorial site.

    Here's a link to photos of the Wright Memorial that is directly behind the high school. From this link you can connect to other pages on the site and learn more about the memorial area.

    Here's the Wikipedia page on Nags Head where you can learn more about the town itself such as population etc. The population number is probably a little deceiving though. Much of the year there will be a lot more people there because of vacationers and the town is small but blends right into other communities too. All of the towns sort of go one after another without an expanse of space in between. For example, Kill Devil Hills is right against Nags Head and you can't tell easily where one stops and the other begins.,_North_Caro...

    Here are some good brochures provided by the towns website.

    Lastly here is a link to a search I did for you of Nags Head churches. Just look through some of the links here to learn more about churches there and I hope this will help you find a good one.

    Good luck to you and I hope the above is helpful. I have vacationed in Nags Head and I love it there. It would be a great place to live in my opinion.

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