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anyone with ancestery help me?

Anthony gravina kids Paul Diane Elaine and Bob gravina Bob kid Anthony Scott Bobby Paul kids Michelle Meredith Lynn

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    Country? Time period? Any dates? This narrows the search down.

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    Here you go. Pick one.

    Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Last Residence

    Anthony Gravina 3 Apr 1892 Oct 1969 Brooklyn, Kings, New York

    Anthony Gravina 8 Sep 1901 4 Aug 1989 Ponte Vedra Beach, Saint Johns, Florida

    Anthony Gravina 27 Feb 1902 Jan 1980 Utica, Oneida, New York

    Anthony C. Gravina 22 Apr 1919 14 Jul 1999 Brooklyn, Kings, New York

    Anthony Gravina 20 Sep 1919 13 Dec 2007 Denver, Denver, Colorado

  • 7 years ago mainly deals with DEAD ANCESTORS. These sound a lot like live persons. Not to mention, yahoo rules prohibit posting private info about someone living.

    If you are looking for ancestry, provide the name and details about someone who is not alive. INCLUDE LOCATION. Be specific about what you need...don't just throw out a name.

    There are tons of sites that are free, by the way. I've been doing this 30+ yrs, and don't subscribe to anything.

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