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Who would win in this Hunger Games of sorts (24 characters, 12 different universes)?

1. Legolas / Eowyn (Tolkien)

2. King Arthur / Morgana Le Fay (Arthurian Legend)

3. Hercules / Atalanta (Greek Mythology)

4. Superman / Wonder Woman (DC)

5. Han Solo / Mara Jade (Star Wars)

6. Lestat de Lioncourt / Lucy Westenra (Vampire Fiction)

7. Beast / Mulan (Disney)

8. Dr. Watson / Irene Adler (Sherlock Holmes stories)

9. Khan / Uhura (Star Trek)

10. Robin Hood / Marian (Robin Hood stories)

11. Mr. Tumnus / Susan (Narnia)

12. Draco Malfoy / Hermione (Harry Potter)


@ Sam -- Atalanta is a female warrior in Greek Mythology who (some say) joined the Argonauts on their quest to fetch the Golden Fleece. She was a fast runner and awesome hunter. She was a daughter of some king, but her father hated her because he wanted a son. But then he grew to love her. Also, there's a story where she says she'll never marry unless a man beats her in a race. They lose, they die. They win, they get to marry her.

She was finally outsmarted by some guy.

Update 2:


I beg to DIFFER. There is NOTHING--NOTHING--gay about Narnia or ORIGINAL vampire fiction (i.e. Bram Stoker, Anne Rice)!

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  • Fitz
    Lv 7
    6 years ago
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    1. Legolas would take Eowyn, but maybe not not Éomer. Despite the way the movies represent Legolas, he was stated to be the least accomplished warrior of the fellowship. His experience is limited and his archery skill is largely attributed to his magic bow. HOWEVER, he is almost a thousand years old and has FAR more experience than Eowyn. Éomer, though, has a lot of combat experience with orcs in the Redmarch. That much combat experience in that short amount of time, may be superior to the same amount of experience stretched over 1000 years.

    2. Morgana obviously. Arthur does not know magic, and Morgana is a powerful sorceress.

    3. Hercules without a doubt. While Atalanta was raised by a bear, and can fight and hunt as a bear does, she is still not a warrior. Hercules was kicking a55 even as a child. Atalanta is no match for his combat prowess.

    4. Superman. I'm not a fan of him ... I think he's boring. Mainly, all his stories are about catching heavy things just in the nick of time ... but he does have more powers than Wonder Woman. They both have super strength and agility ... but he's got heat vision, arctic breath, etc ... they've done that match up before in the comics ... and Superman won.

    5. Mara Jade, no question. While Han is my favorite character ... he's no match for a Jedi. Even before she was a Jedi ... she was still a force user and a trained assassin.

    6. Can't answer because I don't know who Lucy Westenra is. I can say that Lestat is a notoriously hard dude to kill though.

    7. Mulan. While Beast is ... well ... a beast, he is not a trained warrior.

    8. Watson. In the books, Adler is cited as being resourceful and intelligent ... but that's about it. Watson was an army veteran that saw combat.

    9. Kahn without a doubt. Uhura is a communications officer, Kahn is a genetically engineered superhuman.

    10. You mean Maid Marian? She may have had a rebellious attitude ... but she was a noble woman. No fighting skills to speak of.

    11. Don't know enough about the story to give a good answer, though I saw one of the movies, and with my limited exposure ... I'd say Susan.

    12. Definitely Hermione ... in fact I'd choose her over any Hogwarts student, Harry included. She was the best magic user of the entire school ... she saved Ron and Harry's a55 so many times, adding them up would take a forever.


    I may have misunderstood the question. If you meant each pair of people you listed as a team ... and they all fight against each other. Then unfortuntely, and I hate to say it, Superman and Wonder Woman would win. I'm a Marvel guy, and I never liked DC ... a little too 1950's for me. But the only people in the entire list that could stand a chance against them are Draco, Hermione, Morgana, and Mara Jade ... simply because they know magic (or the force in Mara Jade's case). However, I'm not sure what their magic/force could do against someone like Superman who is practically invulnerable, can fly around at super speed and incinerate them with his eyes. Or if he wanted to be more simple ... just rip their arms off. Even Lestat, who is undead, would be vulnerable to his heat vision.

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  • 6 years ago

    Who dies (by the way, I did kill the ones I didn't recognize on the first day, regardless of ability. They are after the doublespace)

    Day 1 - Draco Malfoy, Mr Tumnus, Marian, Dr Watson, Uhura Lestat de Lioncourt, Lucy Westenra, Mara Jade, Atalanta

    Day 2 - None

    Day 3 - None

    Day 4 - None

    Day 5 - Beast, Irene Adler

    Day 6 - Mulan

    Day 7 - Susan, Superman

    Day 8 - Wonder Woman, Morgan le Fae, Han Solo

    Day 9 - None

    Day 10 - Legolas

    Day 11 - None

    Day 12 - None

    Day 13 - Hercules, King Arthur

    Day 14 - Khan

    Day 15 - Robin Hood

    Day 16 - None

    Day 17 - None

    Day 18 - None

    Day 19 - Hermione

    WINNER: Eowyn

    Source(s): My opinion, based on the characters
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  • 6 years ago

    Which pair/team would win?

    Based on their original sources (novels, comic books) and not necessarily on film adaptations:

    4. Superman / Wonder Woman (DC) will defeat anyone who attacks them.


    1. Legolas / Eowyn (Tolkien)

    Arrows and swords can not injure Superman or Wonder Woman.

    2. King Arthur / Morgana Le Fay (Arthurian Legend)

    Arthur is human, no way he can win here, even with a magic sword. Morgana Le Fay uses magic and may affect Superman, but Wonder Woman can find a way around it, and Superman has managed to defeat wizards or witches before.

    3. Hercules / Atalanta (Greek Mythology)

    Probably the greek mythological equivalents, but still choosing Superman over them. He could fly and attack both from distance.

    5. Han Solo / Mara Jade (Star Wars)

    Han Solo is human, and he could be easily disarmed by Superman using heat vision or superspeed. Without a blaster Han Solo is no match against anyone. Mara Jade uses the Force and may prove an stronger opponent.

    6. Lestat de Lioncourt / Lucy Westenra (Vampire Fiction)

    If mere humans have managed to kill vampires, then they are no match against Wonder Woman or Superman. They may come second if Hermione Grainger / Draco Malfoy can not defeat them first.

    7. Beast / Mulan (Disney)

    Beast may be strong, but can be wounded by simple arrows or blades. Mulan uses martial arts, gunpowder, and medieval weapons... again no match against the superheroes.

    8. Dr. Watson / Irene Adler (Sherlock Holmes stories)

    They could be better strategists, but have nothing to defeat the superheroes or stronger foes.

    9. Khan / Uhura (Star Trek)

    Uhura may have military training, but her expertise are communications, languages not weapons / fighting. Khan is a better strategist and have some above human capabilities, but without a starship what he can do? His abilities are no match to Wonder Woman or Superman. Even with a starship, Superman have defeated starships from several planets. There will be no starships in a Hunter Games like tournament.

    10. Robin Hood / Marian (Robin Hood stories)

    Robin Hood... Again, medieval weapons against superheroes? He may be good at hide at the forrest, and take down some of the other humans, but nothing to defeat the superheroes.

    Marian was a damisel in peril in the original material, not a warrior, hunter or anything like that. In the last movie I have seen they portrayed her as a warrior, but again a sword against Superman or Wonder Woman? Please.

    11. Mr. Tumnus / Susan (Narnia)

    Mr. Tumnus was exactly not a warrior, he become a royal advisor. May help with strategy but no match in a fight. Susan had skill with arrows but again... arrows against Superman? They could be like the little girl that knew how to climb trees in Hunter Games, may take advantage of their knowledge of nature / terrain, but could not with the others in fights.

    12. Draco Malfoy / Hermione (Harry Potter)

    Probably the hardest to defeat given Superman weakness against magic. But again, Superman has managed to defeat wizards or witches before.

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  • cura
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Good we all know that Bella stands out as the first to head. Alas, Edward would most likely last a at the same time given that he is a vampire and the whole lot. Katniss has already confirmed that she can last, and i am certain Gale can too. Max would additionally keep in due to the fact that she will fly. And Hermione could be freaking strong so long as she obtained a wand. I have not learn any of the opposite books.

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  • 6 years ago

    number 3

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  • Sam
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    1- legolas

    2- king athur i guess

    3- hercules??? (whos atalanta?)

    4- super man would whoop her *ss

    5- han solo

    6- GAY!!!!!

    7- mulan

    8- depends which version

    9- dont care

    10- robin hood

    11- gay

    12- hermione

    Source(s): me!
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  • .
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    I feel like Hermione could outsmart them

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