who rightfully owns jerusalem?

I personally think it is Israel because if you want to go by who was there first it would have been the Jews, because the Arabs in Arabia didn't have a huge population to do migration, without disrupting there way of life, and when the Jews took Israel they either killed or assimilated the local people.


when i ment who was there first im ment out of the two who was there first.

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    Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish state since the time of King David a mere 3000 years ago. It was always the place in which the Kings from the House of David sat and is now the capital of Israel.

    And poor Ramzi is suffering from porpoganda overload and seems to be ingorant of the fact that land acquired in a defensive war CAN legally be retained by the country.

    Truth is that Jerusalem was never meant to be part of either Israel OR Palestine according to the UN mandate. But Jordan made a grab for Jerusalem in 1948 and Israel defended the Jews in the area resulting in Jerusalem being split city. Jerusalem has NEVER been part of a Palestian country or under Palestinian control. Between 1948 and 1967 it was controlled by JORDAN, who instead of giving Palestinians ciizenship after they took over the land meant for them, treated them as refugees and unwanted settlers making sure that the entire West Bank remained impoverished. A little known fact is that prior to 1967 ZERO degree conferring institutions existed in the West Bank as Jordan wanted the Palestinians uneducated- since 1967 FIVE degree conferring institutions have been built

    Since Israel took over, life expectancy in the West Bank and Gaza has increased by 10 years, infant mortality rates have been reduced from 100/1000 to 38/1000, Israel has insituted a complete infant immunisation campaign in Gaza and the West Bank and trained Palestinian doctors. And despite all this the haters of Israel accuse it of genocide even as the exact opposite is happening and Israel has increased healthcare services to the Palestinians!

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    Think of it this way.

    A Jewish family owned a house and left.

    This house has been abandoned by the Jewish family.

    In the mean time an Arab Muslim family live in it and have past it down from generation to generation.

    About 800 years later the Jewish families ancestors arrive claiming the house belongs to them.

    The world decides the house belongs to the Jewish family, leaving the Arab family homeless.

    Do you think that's fair?

    This is an oversimplification. Some Jews never left Jerusalem at all, but they were only a very small percentage. The Jews didn't decide to leave on their own accord either, they were forced out.

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    Jerusalem was founded well over 4000 years ago by a people who acknowledged Egypt as their overlord.

    so cairo could cliam it back.

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    If you are going on the basis of who was there first, it belongs to the Neanderthals. Personally, I consider it (in its entirety) to be part of Israel as the result of the wars started by and lost by the Arab nations. Possession is nine points of the law, they say.

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    It is Israel god gave them that land as part of a Convent with god

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    The Earth belongs to no man.

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    The Philistines and Joabaites.

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